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Theft in the workplace

This is what you should do if you suspect theft in the workplace It is shocking to learn that as a result of the current economic climate of frozen wages and rising costs of living, workplace theft is on the rise. According to, data from The...

What does it mean to Fail a Lie Detector Test?

A polygraph examination isn’t a fail or pass issue like taking your GCEs at school. You won’t fail a lie detector test based on how knowledgeable or intelligent you are. ANS and consciousness Polygraph technology functions by measuring physiological alterations in...

fail a lie detector test

How the brain reveals if someone is lying

Lie detector tests are on the rise. When someone is lying, the gnawing doubt is unbearable- you need to know the truth. The problem with lying is that it destroys trust, leaving you unable to believe anything someone tells you. How can you tell if...

Is it possible to beat a lie detector test?

Searching Google for how to beat a lie detector test will produce some interesting results. There are lots of suggestions, without proof, as to how you can fool the polygraph. Here are some of the methods recommended: Taking cannabis, cocaine or other recreational...

beat a lie detector test

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