Sex with Fiancé’s Dad confirmed by Northampton Lie Detector Test

Aug 24, 2021

Sex with Fiancé’s Dad confirmed by Northampton Lie Detector Test

Our client ordered a Northampton lie detector test when her father said that he had “slept” with her fiancé. This was far from the truth.

Kalima´s Case

When Kalima told her parents that she was engaged to Jasmin, they were not overjoyed. As devout Muslims gay marriage was forbidden. Jasmin’s parents were even less impressed.

Life became so difficult in their respective homes that the girls moved away and got a flat together. They had been born into the Western world with all the freedoms that came with it. The girls were in love, and nothing was going to stand in the way of their happiness.

Both Kalima and Jasmin had found good jobs and, although they worked long hours in the same call centre, they had weekends free.  Life was good for several months.

Unexpected call

One evening Kalima’s father, Aghlab, called her and said he wanted to meet up for a coffee. Since he lived in Manchester, it would be a long drive just for a coffee and Jasmin wasn’t comfortable with it. She wondered whether Kalima would be in danger. But Kalima said she would meet him in a nearby shopping mall where there were plenty of people around.

The following week, the meeting took place and Aghlab told her that Jasmin was not the person she thought she was. He knew she wasn’t a lesbian because he had slept with her. Indeed, they had an affair for over a year. Aghlab suggested that Kalima put everything behind her and come home.

Kalima didn’t believe a word of it and told her father she wanted nothing more to do with him. She left him sitting in the coffee bar.

Northampton lie detector test

When Jasmin got home from work, Kalima told her what Aghlab had said. Jasmin emphatically denied it but there was something about her manner that caused Kalima to believe she was holding something back.

The girls had several arguments during the following weeks, something that was very unusual. Whenever Kalima suggested that Jasmin wasn’t telling her the whole truth, Jasmin became defensive.

Kalima called us to discuss a Northampton lie detector test that she intended to book for Jasmin. Our East Midlands polygraph examiner worked with her to formulate the questions that should be asked.

When she told Jasmin about booking the polygraph examination, she explained that she couldn’t be with someone she didn’t trust. It wasn’t that she believed her father’s story, but she absolutely knew something was being kept from her.

In the pre-test interview Jasmin told our polygraph examiner that she hadn’t had an affair with Aghlab. She had been raped when she was left alone in Kalima’s house while Kalima and her mother had gone to a doctor’s appointment. This happened before they had told their parents about their relationship. Aghlab said that if she told anyone he would say she had seduced him. As a young Muslim woman her reputation would be destroyed.

Results and conclusion

When Kalima got the Northampton lie detector test results she was devastated by what Jasmin had gone through. Our polygraph examiner had to change the questions for the test because of what she had been told.

There was no deception found when she responded to being asked if she had been raped by Aghlab.

Jasmin was too ashamed to tell Kalima and more especially since it had happened more than once.  Every opportunity Aghlab had to get her on her own, he took full advantage of. Each time he threatened to tell her parents that she had seduced him. This was why she was so happy to move away and get a flat with Kalima.

The two young women will be reporting the sexual abuse to the police, as difficult as that may be for Kalima’s family.

Support for Muslim women

The Muslim Women’s Network helps women who have suffered in the way Jasmin did, or with any other type of abuse. You can access their website by clicking here.

Their service is confidential, and they also have a free helpline on 0800 999 5786.

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