Basildon lie detector test reveals Obnoxious ‘Pig Puller’

Jul 14, 2021

Basildon lie detector test reveals Obnoxious ‘Pig Puller’

As polygraph examiners we meet a lot of obnoxious individuals in the course of our work, but this case beats them all. Our client ordered a Basildon lie detector test to check out her fiancé.

Jeanette’s Case

Lack of social contact throughout the pandemic had depressed Jeanette, so she was delighted when some restrictions were lifted. She and some of her girlfriends had booked a holiday in Cornwall a year ago and now were able to go.

On the first night there, they were invited to a private beach party by some lads they had met in the town. With safety in numbers, they decided to go.

Damien was stunningly attractive and latched onto Jeanette immediately. He spent the whole evening with her and seemed genuinely interested in her life. A whirlwind romance developed, and the pair were inseparable for the entire week’s holiday.

Damien and his mates were going home to Essex and Jeanette and her friends, back to Leeds. They exchanged telephone numbers and promised to keep in touch. Damien showered Jeanette with WhatsApp messages, they spent hours talking and said how much they missed each other.

Jeanette could not believe her luck. She had always considered herself plain and she was a bit overweight. But Damien only had eyes for her when they were on holiday and continued the romance when they got back. When he asked her to visit him in Basildon, she jumped at the chance.

Marriage proposal

Damien didn’t want Jeanette to stay at the flat he shared with other students. He said it was a mess and not suitable for the love of his life. She booked a hotel he suggested and met him there.

Over dinner he asked her to marry him and with the naivety of youth, she said she would. Since he was a student, Damien told Jeanette he couldn’t afford the type of wedding she wanted. But they settled on a registry office wedding and renewing their vows when they were more financially stable.

Jeanette was lucky in that she could work anywhere that had an internet connection. As a freelance graphic designer, she worked for several web development agencies, so her income had remained much the same throughout the pandemic. Since she hadn’t spent much in lockdown, she had accrued a tidy sum and was happy to pay for the wedding.

Despite her parents’ reservations, she booked the registry office allowing for the time she would need to spend in Basildon for the wedding to be allowed. She found a lovely ground floor flat and moved in, looking forward to her new life with Damien.

Registry Office

Time seemed to fly, and the wedding day arrived. It was only to be a small affair with a few close friends. Damien said he was an orphan with no family which Jeanette found incredibly sad. But they would make their own family.

The registrar was booked for 10 in the morning. Jeanette arrived ‘fashionable late’ by 10 minutes. Damien wasn’t there and after 45 minutes the registrar said she couldn’t wait much longer. Jeanette ran her battery down calling Damien, but his phone was off.

Since the small reception was paid for and there would be no refund, Jeanette told her friends and family to enjoy themselves. She would join them later, she said.

When she got back to her flat, she sobbed her heart out and continued to call Damien. Finally, one of his friends called her to say that Damien’s mother had been involved in a car accident and he had rushed to the hospital. When Jeanette said that couldn’t be true because Damien was an orphan the caller cut off.

Basildon lie detector test

When Jeanette called us for help, she hadn’t been able to contact Damien.  She asked if we could try.  She wanted him to take a lie detector test to find out why he hadn’t turned up for the wedding.

He answered our call very quickly, possibly because it was a number that he didn’t associate with Jeanette.  We told him that Jeanette wanted him to take a test and why.  It surprised us that he agreed immediately.

One of our London polygraph examiners conducted the Basildon lie detector test, but it was the pre-test interview that shocked our examiner. In it, Damien confessed that he had been dared by his mates to “pull a pig” and he said, that is exactly what he had done.  He had never had any intention of marrying Jeanette. And he was going to enjoy sharing how far he had got with his “pig pulling”.

Pulling a Pig

This despicable and toxic dating trend entails men picking up what they consider to be the least attractive girls and making them believe they are really interested in them. They must also sleep with them and whoever ends up with the “ugliest” girl wins.

It hit the headlines in 2017 when the game allegedly extended to Sophie Stevenson paying £350 on flights to Amsterdam to visit Jesse Mateman, who she met on holiday in Barcelona. He never turned up to collect her at the airport.  She later received a message “You were pigged. It was all a joke.” Mateman denies her allegations.


Jeanette is quite understandably devastated and looking at her legal options. Whether you meet someone on holiday or online, one of the fastest ways to check them out is with a lie detector test. Doing it sooner, will lead to less heartbreak later.

While occasionally whirlwind romances lead to lifelong unions, it is rare. If you are in love and deeply committed, there is no harm in testing the strength of that commitment by waiting to tie the knot.

And remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Don’t let these vile men destroy your self-confidence girls. They are not worth it.

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