Stratford Lie Detector Test Confirms continued Infidelity

Last year our client found out that his wife was having an affair. The couple separated but then she wanted to come back. Not sure of her motives he ordered a Stratford lie detector test.

Drew’s Case

Having been happily married, or so he believed, for 25 years Drew was shocked when he found out that his wife, Pippa, had been having an affair for several months. She didn’t deny it and when he asked her to make a choice between him or her lover, she chose her lover. She packed her bags on the same day and left.

Drew was devastated. Not known for showing a great deal of emotion, the separation broke him. He cried for months afterwards. As a university lecturer, it became impossible for him to work because every time someone spoke to him, he was on the brink of tears.  So, he took time off but at home he felt even more depressed, seeing everything that reminded him of Pippa around him.

Three months after Pippa left Drew’s sister, Charlotte, invited him round to her house for dinner. She hadn’t told him that she had invited other people to the dinner party too. When he arrived, he told her that he couldn’t face socialising but she persuaded him to stay. As the evening progressed, he was glad he did because he met Rachel.

Life begins again

Having met Rachel at Charlotte’s dinner party, Drew was enchanted by her. At the end of the evening, they exchanged telephone numbers and he couldn’t wait to call her.

A month later, they had been on several dates and Drew had fallen in love. Not wanting to be caught on the rebound, Rachel said they should take it slowly.

With a vibrant, intelligent young woman in his life, Drew found it easier to cope with his wife’s betrayal. He managed to go back to work and life was good for a while but then Pippa called him.

Torn between two women

Pippa said she wanted to meet him to discuss something important.  She didn’t want to talk about it on the phone. Drew arranged to meet her in a local café.

She was already there when he arrived 10 minutes early.  Although she looked well he could sense something was worrying her. Over coffee she told him she was sorry, she had made a mistake and wanted to repair their marriage.

Drew told her that he was seeing someone else which upset her deeply. She wouldn’t be drawn on what had gone wrong with her relationship with her lover. Drew said he would consider the matter and get back to her.

At home that evening, Drew evaluated his situation. He was ecstatically happy with Rachel who had made him feel young and alive again. His sex life had never been better. But he did miss Pippa. She had been his best friend and they were so close that words almost didn’t matter. They knew instinctively what each other was thinking. On reflection perhaps the lack of verbal communication had been the cause of him not realising she was having an affair.

However, he couldn’t stop thinking about why she wanted to come back to him. What had happened to make her want to leave her lover? Was he still sleeping with him and had she told him that she wanted to repair her marriage?  So many questions and doubts arose in his mind.

Stratford lie detector test

Drew called Pippa and told her that he would only consider getting back together if she took a lie detector test. He wasn’t prepared to dump Rachel, who had been so good to him, without knowing that Pippa was committed to their relationship.

Pippa reluctantly agreed to the polygraph examination and our West Midlands polygraph examiner administered it. The questions Pippa was asked were formulated to give Drew the answers he needed.

In the pre test interview, Pippa told our examiner that she thought she might be having a midlife crisis. Her artist lover was young but apart form the sex, she had found that the “grass wasn’t greener on the other side of the fence.” She was living in a tiny bedsit with him and struggling financially. Her lover was too artistic to consider getting a job and at first his Bohemian attitude had attracted her.

The results of Pippa’s lie detector test showed that she was being deceptive as to why she wanted to go back to her husband. She wanted her comfortable lifestyle back and all that went with it. She was still sleeping with her lover and repairing her marriage was not uppermost in her mind.


Drew has decided to continue his relationship with Rachel. The thought of his wife betraying him further has finally sealed the lid on the marriage. He will be seeking a divorce.

In circumstances such as Drew’s, a lie detector test is one of the fastest methods to make a decision as to how to move forward with your life.