Wicked Stepmother exposed by Corby Lie Detector Test

Our client took a Corby lie detector test to prove she was telling the truth about her stepmother, when her father couldn’t be convinced.

Amy’s Case

Leaving home at 16 wasn’t great for Amy when she had to spend a lot of her time sofa surfing. The reason she left home was because she couldn’t stand the behaviour of her stepmother, Lydia, any longer.

When Amy’s mother became terminally ill with cancer, Lydia was hired as carer. Amy was 13 at the time.  She noticed early on that Lydia was sweetness and light when her father was around but not so much when he wasn’t.

Around 6 months after her mother died, Lydia moved into their home as a housekeeper. It was clear a relationship had developed between her and Amy’s father. When Amy got home from school she was treated like Cinderella, with Lydia giving her a list of chores to do before her father got home. This included washing the breakfast dishes. Amy wondered what Lydia did all day.

Wedding invitation

Now 7 years down the line, Amy received a wedding invitation to her father and Lydia’s wedding. She arranged to have lunch with her father to discuss it.

Over lunch Amy bared her soul.  She told her father that she didn’t want to come to the wedding because she didn’t agree with him marrying Lydia.  She was a cruel individual, Amy said, and most likely after his money.

Amy then related all the things she had endured as a child living with them.  This included Lydia manhandling her mother in a brutal fashion when attending to her personal hygiene needs. She told him how she had worked like a slave when she got home from school and how Lydia was unkind to her. She’d constantly called her stupid and ugly as she was going through adolescence and generally made her life a misery.  Of course, this behaviour was confined to when her father wasn´t around. When Amy had tried to talk to him about her problems when she was living at home, he’d dismissed them as normal teenage problems when a parent hooked up with someone new.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Amy knew her mother would have wanted him to move on with his life but not, in her opinion, with someone like Lydia.

The lunch resolved nothing. Her father didn’t believe her and suggested she was trying to make trouble.

Corby lie detector test

Amy contacted us to enquire about a lie detector test in Corby.  She wanted her father to understand that Lydia was not who he thought she was. More particularly she wanted him to know that she was telling the truth.  She wanted him to be happy and felt that he wouldn’t be if he got married to Lydia.

Our East Midlands polygraph examiner conducted the test at Amy’s home. There was no deception found in any of her responses to the questions she was asked.

Within 24 hours Amy had her fully analysed, peer reviewed polygraph results report. She arranged another meeting with her father who has agreed to discuss the matter with Lydia. At Amy’s suggestion he is also going to do a background check on her.


There are more ways than one to get to the truth with the polygraph.  If the perpetrator is unlikely to agree to take a test, the victim can. If the victim’s test results show no deception, then it is obvious that what they say happened to them, occurred.

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Amy took a Corby lie detector test because that is where she lived. She chose to take it at home because she felt more comfortable there.  However, our polygraph examiners work nationwide in a network of controlled offices. When booking a test, you can choose an office location close to you or opt for a home test.