Sexual Assault Allegations dispelled by Hereford Lie Detector Test

Aug 23, 2021 | False allegations, Private Lie Detector Test

Sexual Assault Allegations dispelled by Hereford Lie Detector Test

Prior to the pandemic, our client spent most of his time in Portugal. On his return to the UK he never dreamed he would end up taking a Hereford lie detector test due to false allegations.

Laurence’s Case

Having purchased a property in Portugal, Laurence was considering retiring there when the pandemic hit. He had spent his holidays there for many years and latterly had been arranging the move.

He was popular among the expats in the coastal village where his villa was located and had made a lot of friends.  In June 2019 a new neighbour, Marion, moved next door to him.  She was a widow and Laurence introduced her to his friends. Everyone seemed to get on with her and so did Laurence for a while.

Just before the pandemic Laurence fell out with Marion. She built a fence between their two properties but had effectively stolen a metre of his land. When he told her she needed to move the line of the fence back, she refused saying that he was wrong. He left the matter with his lawyer before flying back to the UK.


Usually, Laurence kept in touch with his expat friends via Skype.  The first unusual thing he noticed was that he didn’t get any messages from them over Christmas. They had sent each other eCards for years. No one called him either, which was odd. When he called them, no one answered.

It took him several months to find out what the problem was. Marion had told his friends that he had sexually assaulted her. He was horrified and sent emails to all the expats he was close to telling them it wasn’t true. No one responded. They had all ghosted him.

Hereford lie detector test

Laurence contacted us for a lie detector test in Hereford. He was extremely upset, not least because he wondered how far Marion would take this. Would she report him to the police for something he hadn’t done? She had, after all, convinced his friends.

Our Southwest polygraph examiner conducted the polygraph examination and found no deception. Laurence hadn’t sexually assaulted Marion or anyone else for that matter.

Within 24 hours he had a fully analysed, peer reviewed report of his results.


With travel restrictions being lifted, Laurence plans to go to Portugal very soon. He has emailed his results to all his friends, or at least the ones that matter.

The Hereford lie detector test has also made him consider if he wants these expats as friends. True friends don’t behave in this way.  Ghosting him without even asking him about the alleged sexual assault was unforgivable.  They hardly knew Marion yet believed her over someone they had known for many years.

Laurence will update us as to what happens when he gets to Portugal.

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