Taunton Lie Detector Test secures Wedding Invitation

As a recovering drug addict, our client was upset because her brother didn’t want her at his wedding. A Taunton lie detector test changed his mind.

Lorena’s Case

When Lorena learned, she was not going to get an invitation to her brother Ivan´s wedding she was deeply hurt. His bride to be, Mia, said she didn’t want Lorena around her kids at the event. She said her behaviour was erratic and might ruin the day.

Lorena’s last rehab was 5 years ago, and she had been clean ever since. She acknowledged that she had been every family’s nightmare when she was taking drugs. Her life had been a worse one, shunned by everyone she knew and ostracised by her own family.  The only respite she had from being homeless, was the time she spent in prison. Stealing or selling her body became the only means to fund her habit and naturally had consequences.

Her last stretch in prison convinced her that she needed to turn her life around. Nothing would ever improve if she continued taking the drugs.

Painful though it was, she went through rehab, and it was an experience she never wanted to go through again.

Taunton lie detector test

Lorena contacted us to ask if a lie detector test would help her convince her family that she had changed. She said they all seemed to be trapped in a time warp. They didn’t appreciate how hard she had worked over the years to pull her life together.

And it really had been hard. She lived in hostels for two years before finally securing housing association accommodation. She wasn’t top of any council’s priority list because she was single and had no children. Finding a job proved impossible because of her criminal record, so she lived a frugal life on benefits for a while.

Since she had done so well after coming out of rehab, her social worker thought it might be a good idea for her to write about her experiences. Lorena started a simple blog and began writing. The blog was an enormous success with readers able to relate to what she had been through.  Rehab clinics started to advertise on it and now she earns a reasonable living from it.

In consultation with out South West polygraph examiner, she formulated the questions she wanted to be asked at her Taunton lie detector test. She wanted to prove she was clean and had no intention of relapsing.

Her test results showed no deception. When she got her fully analysed, peer reviewed report less than 24 hours later, she emailed her brother, mother and father. Attaching the report, she told them everyone deserves a second chance.


Mia wasn’t keen on extending a wedding invitation to Lorena, despite the Taunton lie detector test report. But Ivan persuaded her to do it, reasoning that he couldn’t spend the rest of his life not talking to or meeting up with his sister.

Lorena is now looking forward to building bridges at the wedding reception.