North London Lie Detector Test Query for Bad Boy Fiancé

This North London lie detector test query comes from someone who wonders whether we can help her prove a leopard can change its spots.

Q: Can a lie detector test prove to my family that my fiancé is no longer a bad boy?

I have recently become secretly engaged to my boyfriend. I don’t feel able to publicly announce it because my family and friends wouldn’t approve.

When he was younger my boyfriend got into a lot of trouble. His dad left home when he was very young, and he joined a gang. He was 13 when he first got caught delivering drugs. At fourteen he was put into foster care because his mum couldn’t cope.

The drug running continued, and he served his first prison sentence at 18 by which time he was addicted to heroin.  More drug related crimes followed and more terms in prison but the last time, when he was 26, he came out and turned his life around.

He´s 30 now and hasn´t touched drugs for 4 years. With his own business, spray painting cars, he earns a lot of money and is proud of what he has achieved.

But his reputation remains the same where we live, and everyone says a leopard never changes its spots.  Gossips insinuate that his money and the “flash” car he drives point to drug dealing which is simply not true.

I want him to take a North London lie detector test so that my family and friends know that he has changed. Do you think it will help?

R. W., North London

Response from London Polygraph Examiner

It is a sad fact of life that bad reputations are extremely difficult to repair but no one has the right to make false allegations.

Your boyfriend is to be commended for kicking his drug addiction and making a success of his life. Leopards may not change their spots, but humans can, as he has proven.

A lie detector test can help in two ways. The first is to dispel the rumours and stop the gossiping.

The second is to reassure you that you can trust the man you intend to marry. You should bear in mind that addicts of all types continue to recover throughout their lives.  They can relapse at any time and often don’t need much of an excuse to relapse.

Constantly accusing someone of doing something they are not doing, sometimes leads to them doing it.  If he passes a lie detector test, which presumably you will show to your family it might be an idea to tell them to stop the accusation.

North London lie detector test

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