Recovering Drug Addict passes Dorchester Lie Detector Test

Our client booked a Dorchester lie detector test for his girlfriend when rumours about her drug addiction caused misgivings about their relationship.

Jack and Willow’s Case

When Willow met Jack, she knew he was ‘the one’. She was a secretary in a firm of solicitors, and he was a junior partner, going places. Although relationships between staff members were discouraged, the couple were discreet, and the senior partners overlooked it.

After 6 months of dating Jack found it strange that Willow had never invited him to meet her parents. He would drop her at home after their dates, but she never asked him in for a coffee or nightcap.

Different backgrounds

He understood that they came from vastly different backgrounds. From what he understood Willow’s parents had made living on benefits a lifestyle choice. She was still living with them because her earnings, meagre as they were, helped look after her 7 siblings. Although she was a bright and intelligent young woman, her comprehensive school education had been cut short. Her parents said they couldn’t afford for her to stay on at school or go to university.

Conversely, Jack was an only child and came from an affluent home. His mother was a headmistress and his father, a barrister. With a private school education, he studied law at university and hoped one day to follow in his father’s footsteps.


A year down the line, Willow had met Jack’s parents several times, and they were delighted when the couple announced they were getting engaged.

Jack wanted to do the traditional thing and ask Willow’s father for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Willow wasn’t happy about this at all but was reassured when Jack said that he didn’t care where she came from, he was more interested in where she was going. He said he would go alone to introduce himself to her father.

However, Jack was somewhat taken aback when he went into the council house where Willow and her family lived.  It was dreadfully untidy and not very clean.  There was no indication that it had been redecorated in years.

Ushered into the lounge by Willow’s mother he met her morbidly obese father, Bob. Jack quickly came to the point and asked if Bob would allow him to marry Willow. They didn’t intend to get married straightaway, he said, but they wanted to become engaged.

Bob guffawed and responded that “in this day and age” it wasn’t necessary to ask permission. Willow was, after all, 23 years of age so she could do what she liked. He added that he hoped Jack wasn’t expecting him to ‘traditionally’ pay for the wedding because he was “skint”. But they could have a celebratory beer together.

Over the beer Bob asked Jack if he knew what he was taking on, and then dropped the bombshell. Jack learned that between 15 and 19 Willow had been addicted to Class A drugs. At some point she had decided to pull herself together and went ‘cold turkey’.


When Jack left Willow’s house, he was worried. So many questions went through his mind. Why hadn’t Willow told him about her addiction? What would his parents think if they found out? What if she was still using? Would it affect his career prospects? He needed to think over the weekend.

Willow didn’t hear from Jack on Friday night or on Saturday.  She wondered what had happened because he wasn’t picking up his phone either.

On Sunday morning he called her, and they met in a local park. She was horrified to learn that her father had told him about her drug addiction. She had been clean for almost 4 years. It wasn’t something that she wanted to share with Jack because she had put it behind her. She also knew that he didn’t approve of drugs and thought she might lose him if she told him.

Her childhood had been spent in ‘Cinderella mode’ she told him. From a very early age she´d been expected to do most of the household chores. She was made fun of at school because her school uniform was a ‘hand me down’ from a schoolfriend’s older sister. Somehow the other kids had found out.

She was depressed when she met Ali at 15. He was kind to her and seemed interested in her as a person, unlike her parents who treated her like a slave.  She had been groomed and introduced to drugs which led to almost 4 years of hell. Raped and sexually abused, she became addicted to the drugs they gave her to keep her compliant. Relief came when her abusers were arrested and charged with drug dealing. They went to prison, and she came off the drugs with no help at all.

Her withdrawal symptoms made her believe she was going to die and frankly, it wouldn’t have worried her if she had, she said.

Dorchester lie detector test for drug addiction

Willow said she would quite understand if Jack no longer wanted to get engaged to her. Reeling with shock from what he had been told, Jack’s emotions were all over the place.  He said he needed time to think about it. Luckily, he had a week´s holiday due and he would take it.

A week later, he asked Willow if she was prepared to take a lie detector test. He had to be certain that she was clean. If she wasn’t, she could potentially wreck his career and the relationship he had with his parents.

Willow agreed immediately. She loved Jack so much and understood his concerns.

Our SouthWest polygraph examiner conducted the Dorchester lie detector test for drug addiction at Jack’s home. His parents had gone away on holiday, so the place was very quiet.


Willow’s polygraph results showed no deception at all when she said she hadn’t taken any drugs in the past 4 years.

In the pre-test interview, she told our examiner that she knew she would always be a recovering addict. But she had no intention of ever jeopardising her relationship with Jack or going back on the drugs.

Jack’s parents were surprisingly understanding about Willow’s situation and are now highly protective of her. The happy couple will be getting married next year.