Nosy Neighbour exposed as Troublemaker by Rugby Lie Detector Tests

Jul 7, 2021 | False allegations

Nosy Neighbour exposed as Troublemaker by Rugby Lie Detector Tests

Our clients´ lives were made miserable by a nosy neighbour who lived opposite their houses. They took Rugby lie detector tests to resolve the issue.

Dustin’s and his Neighbours’ Case

Dustin´s neighbour, Syd, was 72 years old and he put the twitching curtain brigade to shame with his vigilance. He formed his own neighbourhood watch scheme with him being the only member.

Unfortunately, Syd was only interested in Dustin´s activities, or so it appeared to Dustin. Whenever Dustin´s partner, Joel, came home from work Syd would accost him with tales of who had visited the house in his absence.  At first the gay couple laughed about Syd keeping times, dates and car registration numbers, as well as descriptions of the visitors.

However, after a year of this diligent reporting Joel began to suspect that Dustin, who was a house husband, might be entertaining other men. It caused huge arguments with Dustin having to deny accusations of infidelity almost daily.

At the local shop one day, Dustin saw one of his other neighbours, Jenny. Her eyes were very red and it looked as though she had been crying.  Dustin asked her if she was OK and tears brimmed up in her eyes. Inviting her round to his house for a coffee, Dustin offered her a shoulder to cry on. He was astonished by the panic in her eyes as she declined the invitation.  Instead, they walked through the park and found a bench to sit on.

Widespread false allegations

Dustin learned from Jenny that Syd had not only been keeping a diary of events at his house but also of 4 other neighbours. In some cases, it had been going on for years.

All the other victims of Syd’s acid tongue were women. His constant inferences that they were “up to no good” had in one case, caused a divorce. Dustin said they should all get together and come up with a plan.

The following week, the meeting of all victims was arranged and they each narrated their stories of despair. The common denominator making their lives miserable was Syd.

Dustin told the group that he was considering taking a lie detector test in Rugby to prove to his partner that he hadn’t been cheating. This idea appealed to the women and Dustin booked the tests online with Lie Detector Test UK.

Rugby lie detector tests

All the victims took infidelity tests as these were the main false allegations levelled against them by their partners. Our West Midlands polygraph examiner conducted them all on the same day.

No deception was found in any of their responses and the following day they posted copies of their results through Syd’s door.

There is a lot of repairing of relationships going on in Rugby now and Syd hasn’t been seen for a week.

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