Worksop Lie Detector Test Reunites Mother with Children

When our client’s marriage fell apart, her husband left no stone unturned in making her life miserable. Two years later a Worksop lie detector test allowed her to move forward with her life.

Kerry´s Case

Being married to a minor sports celebrity, Kerry had a happy life.  Of course, Conrad hadn’t been a celebrity when they met in their teens. But he had worked hard, supported by Kerry until he became successful.

In their 17 years of marriage, they had two children and adopted another. Together they chose their forever home and life was wonderful, or so Kerry thought.

Things began to go wrong when Conrad had to retire due to a sports injury from which he would not recover sufficiently to carry on his career.  He began to drink copious amounts of alcohol and abused drugs.  Kerry went to work so that they could keep up with their mortgage while Conrad stayed at home to look after the children. In the end the children had to be taken to their grandmother’s due to Conrad’s alcohol and drug abuse.

He seemed to resent Kerry being the breadwinner and constantly put her down.  She understood he was disappointed that he couldn’t play in the matches he had so enjoyed but the mental and emotional abuse were hard to bear.

The affair

One day when Kerry collected the children from her mother’s home after work, she found two of her sisters there.  She would have liked to have stayed to catch up on what they were doing but said she had to get home to cook the evening meal.

They insisted that she stayed for at least a coffee.  Then they sat her down to tell her that Conrad was having an affair.  They knew he was because they had called round to Kerry’s house earlier, thinking she might be home from work. Conrad had answered the door with just a towel around his waste and they had caught sight of a woman in a similar state of undress.

Kerry was devastated. She called Conrad and asked him if it was true.  He said it was and “what was she going to do about it?” She told him that she would be home with the children in around an hour and she wanted him to be gone before she got there.

When she got home, Conrad had gone leaving a note to say he wanted a divorce.

Police raid

Kerry had taken leave from work as she was emotionally wrecked.  One morning at 6am she found the police on her doorstep. They had a warrant to search the house for drugs.

In the attic they found a substantial amount of cocaine and Kerry was arrested. Social services were called to take care of the children.

21 hours later, Kerry was released without charge. With the help of a duty solicitor, they were convinced that the drugs didn’t belong to Kerry since she didn’t take drugs. They were more convinced that Conrad, who had called them to raid the house, had planted the drugs there.

There followed innumerable reports to police and social services accusing Kerry of abusing and neglecting her children. None of these things were true.

Children missing

Kerry’s mother went to collect the children from school one afternoon, only to find they had already left.  It transpired that Conrad had picked them up.

Cutting an exceptionally long story short, Conrad refused to return the children and Kerry who was struggling to pay the mortgage, couldn’t afford a solicitor.  She put in a claim for legal aid and waited. A week later, Conrad turned up at the house, let himself in and went straight to a file containing their passports, marriage and birth certificates.  He ran out of the house with it and passed it to his girlfriend who drove off with it in her car.

The next week he turned up again with bailiffs with a notice for Kerry to vacate the matrimonial home.  She had received no prior notification of any court case related to this.  Knowing no better she left.

Conrad then moved back into the house with the children and his girlfriend.

Worksop lie detector test

In conversation with her cousin, Vanessa, she suggested that Kerry call her aunt Janet, Vanessa’s mum.  Janet said that given Conrad’s previous minor celebrity status and the fact that he was setting up a business as a trainer and coach, maybe there was a way to resolve Kerry’s issues.

Janet contacted Conrad and told him she had booked a lie detector test in Worksop for him which she expected him to attend.  She made it clear that if he didn’t keep the appointment, she would notify every newspaper in the UK to make him infinitely more famous than he had been in his heyday.

In consultation with Kerry and her family domestic abuse questions were formulated with our East Midlands polygraph examiner. Deception was found in all of Conrad’s responses to them.


Kerry is now reunited with her children and living back in her matrimonial home. The Worsop lie detector test report is Kerry´s insurance against further harassment. She has made it clear it will be sent to all the national newspapers if Conrad attempts to cause her any more problems.