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If you need a lie detector test in Birmingham for infidelity, false accusations or theft you can book online using our secure reservation system.

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To ensure efficiency, we only accept appointments through our online booking system. Upon booking, you’ll receive an SMS and email confirmation. Booking online is the most efficient and optimal way to schedule a polygraph test. This method ensures a seamless experience from start to finish, eliminating potential delays and simplifying the entire process for our clients.
Our offices where we conduct lie detector tests are chosen based on their closeness to clients and their prior suitability. Typically, Controlled Environment Examination Offices are accessible within a 10-15 mile radius of your mainland addresses, ensuring convenience and professional settings for your needs.
Update: Limited slots in Scotland: If you require a lie detector test to be conducted in Scotland, please click here.

To proceed and confirm your booking, we only require an upfront payment of a £125 booking fee (non-refundable).

The booking fee is paid at the time of the booking and is then deducted from the total amount due.

The non-refundable booking fee ensures the customer's commitment to the scheduled appointment and supports the administrative costs associated with securing preferred time slots, conducting pre-examination assessments, and assigning a qualified polygraph examiner. This fee will be deducted from the full payment for the polygraph test. It's important to note that the full payment must be completed within 24 hours after the examiner approves the pre-examination assessment, ensuring your dedication and helping to minimize cancellations. The payment is non-refundable to ensure that the subject does in fact intend to take the test.

Without these measures in place, there is a temptation for a guilty party to book a test as proof that they have nothing to hide, and subsequently cancel the booking. Please be sure you or the test taker can, and intend to make the appointment when you book with us

As a highly mobile polygraph service that operates day and night, including weekends, for the convenience of our clients, we must manage our scheduling and fee collection efficiently. To maintain our competitive pricing, it is essential to ensure that cancellations after long commutes do not result in lost work and income. Therefore, we require full payment no later than 24 hours after the examiner accepts the pre-examination assessment, in addition to the £125 non-refundable booking fee at the time of making your appointment.

Once an appointment is made, fees are non-refundable. You may certainly call for a free consultation at any time, we simply ask that you not schedule an appointment until you are certain you can make that appointment.

Experience precise, professional polygraph exams, cross-verified by accredited British Polygraph Society Examiners.

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Lie Detector Test Birmingham Prices:

  • Single Person: £450
  • Couple (2 people): £690
  • Group (min. 3 people): £295 per person

Choose Birmingham’s top lie detector service for accurate and trustworthy results using the latest technology.

Choosing to undergo a lie detector test is a significant decision, and it’s vital to know the costs involved. In Birmingham, our pricing structure is both competitive and transparent, ensuring you receive top-quality service at rates you can afford.

Single Person Test: The cost for an individual taking the lie detector test in Birmingham is £450. This includes a comprehensive examination conducted by our accredited polygraph examiners, ensuring precision and reliability.

Couple’s Test: If both individuals in a relationship wish to be tested, the combined rate is £690. This package is designed to address issues or concerns within couples, providing clear insights for both parties.

Group Tests: For group tests involving a minimum of three people, the rate is set at £295 per person. This discounted rate ensures that larger groups or organizations can access our services without compromising on quality or accuracy.

Every test we conduct employs the latest technology and techniques, ensuring you get the most accurate and trustworthy results possible. Trust Birmingham’s leading lie detector service provider to deliver clarity and resolution when you need it most.


Meeting rooms in Birmingham

The offices where we conduct lie detector tests, near to clients, are based on previous use and verified as being suitable. In most cases there are suitable rooms available within 10 miles of UK mainland addresses. In certain circumstances, where there is not a suitable venue, we may discuss with the client various locations within their vicinity and make a decision based on the contributing factors necessary to ensure the test is conducted professionally.

Birmingham Lie Detector Test for Infidelity

One of the major cities in Europe, Birmingham is renowned for its multi-culturalism, innovative industry and remarkable urban creativity. A vibrant local and international community makes Birmingham the thriving industrial and commercial hub that it is today.

However, despite this flourishing hub of activity it appears that 3 percent of adults in the region aren’t happy in their marriages. Recent data from the ‘Infidelity Index’ published by the married dating website Illicit Encounters shows that more than 36,000 people are cheating on their husbands or wives. This correlates with our own data since the requests for our Birmingham lie detector test for infidelity increase year on year.

Birmingham Lie Detector Test service

The amount of time it takes for someone to make a decision to book our Birmingham Lie Detector Test service depends on the individual.

Our clients contact us when they suspect their partners of infidelity. Sometimes the suspicion has been there for a very long time. At others, it may not have been in their minds for long. For those who take a long time to resolve their issues, the reasons for waiting are numerous. Some don’t want to know the truth because it will hurt. Others have been ‘gaslighted’ whereby a partner makes them feel they are being paranoid. Gaslighters accuse their partners of the very thing they ae guilty of in order to shift blame. Nevertheless, after months if not years of rows, abuse and severe anxiety, ultimately most people will do something about their situation.
Polygraph examiners

Our polygraph examiners are fully accredited and qualified professionals. They take a wholly confidential and sympathetic approach to their work. It has often been said that a problem shared is a problem halved. Many of our clients feel infinitely better just unburdening themselves for what may be the first time.

Infidelity provokes all sorts of emotions ranging from anger to guilt. Often partners who feel they have been cheated on don’t want to discuss their fears with close friends or family members. This is partly because they feel they may be wrong and will look foolish if proven so.

Polygraph examiners providing our Birmingham lie detector test for infidelity are completely impartial. They seek to alleviate your fears and help you move on with your life no matter the result. Interestingly when the result proves a partner has been cheating, couples often go on to repair their marriages. The truth helps them discuss what led to the infidelity and how to stop it happening again. If you’d like to order a Birmingham lie detector test for infidelity or for any other reason call our Free Helpline on 07572 748364. Alternatively you can make a reservation for a test using our secure online booking system. Make today the day that the truth sets you free.

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