Covid Vaccine Hesitancy revealed by Brighton lie Detector Test

Jul 30, 2021

Covid Vaccine Hesitancy revealed by Brighton lie Detector Test

To be or not to be jabbed is causing almost as much division in relationships as Brexit did. Our client booked a Brighton lie detector test for her boyfriend following months of Covid vaccine hesitancy.

Jemima´s Case

When Covid vaccines became available for those in Jemima’s age group, she couldn’t wait to get hers. Many of her friends were excited too. To them it meant being able to socialise together for the first time in over a year. Jemima was already planning her first dinner party since the pandemic began.

It meant going back to work in the office, having drinks in the pub after work on a Friday and getting the economy back up and running. Life could finally get back to normal, Jemima thought.

However, Lucas her boyfriend had a severe case of Covid vaccine hesitancy. Jemima´s friends called him a ‘Covidiot’ and said she should dump him.

Covid vaccine hesitancy

When Jemima invited 5 couples over for dinner, 3 of them asked if Lucas was invited too. Jemima responded that of course he was. They then asked if he had been vaccinated and when she said he had not, they declined her invitation.

Disappointed, Jemima had a heated conversation with Lucas, but he wouldn’t change his mind.

Over dinner with her diminished guest list, Jemima and friends homed in on Lucas. They asked him whether he didn’t feel selfish about not having the vaccine. What was influencing him to not have it, they asked.  Was it all those ‘anti vaxxer’ protests?

Lucas explained that he felt it should be his own decision to have something injected into his body. He wasn’t anti vaccines; he was just anti the Covid vaccines. Considering you could still contract the virus and transmit it after being vaccinated, it made no logical sense to him. If you didn’t have the vaccine, you could also contract and transmit it, so where was the difference?

Despite having no reasonable answer to this, the friends continued telling him he was selfish and should be ashamed of himself. It was people like him, they said, that would cause them all to be locked down again. He didn’t stay for dessert and left early.

Brighton lie detector test

Some weeks later, several friends contacted Jemima to say they were organising a camping trip. They asked if she would like to come, but unless Lucas was vaccinated, he wasn’t invited.

There followed several arguments until finally Lucas was badgered into submission. He received an appointment a few days later to go and have the jab. Satisfied, Jemima called their friends and said Lucas was getting the jab so they would both love to come.

On the day of the appointment, Jemima called Lucas to see if he was OK. She had suffered with flu like symptoms and a numb arm after hers so warned him he might feel a ‘little under the weather’. He said he felt fine.

In the week leading up to the camping trip several friends called Jemima and asked if she had proof that Lucas had turned up for his vaccination appointment. They wanted proof or they wouldn’t be comfortable with him going on the trip. He had been evasive when they had called him, they said.

Jemima told them that he had also been evasive with her and didn’t seem to have any proof. That was when they decided to all chip in for a Brighton lie detector test.

The speed with which Lucas agreed to take it surprised them all. Perhaps they had misjudged him, they thought.

Results and conclusion

In the pre-test interview with our Brighton polygraph examiner Lucas admitted that he hadn’t turned up for the appointment. He felt coerced into doing something that he didn’t want to do. He made the appointment to stop Jemima nagging him.

Lucas said his Covid vaccine hesitancy stemmed from a lot of research he had done online. He wanted to wait until the official clinical trials of the vaccines were complete. As far as he was aware this wouldn’t be until 2022 or 2023 depending on which vaccine was going to be administered. He realised that if he got Covid he might be extremely ill, but he was prepared to rely on his own immune system. It had never let him down in the past.

When Jemima received the full analysed, polygraph report she was furious. How dare he embarrass her in this way, she ranted. How could he be so selfish?

Lucas ended his relationship with Jemima. He respected her decision to be jabbed but he expected her to respect his Covid vaccine hesitancy. As far as the friends were concerned, he would find some new ones. He sincerely hoped they wouldn’t fall off their moral high horses, he said. He didn’t need friends who treated him like a leper and a fool.

Lie Detector Test UK

At Lie Detector Test UK, we believe the best way to overcome Covid vaccine hesitancy is to persuade people rather than shame them. Usually when people are ordered to do something that they don’t want to do, they will dig their heels in further.

Some of us will make the decision to have the vaccine and others will not. Living in a free and democratic society we have the right to choose. There is so much division in society today, so let’s try to be kind and respectful to each other.

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