Kingston Lie Detector Test confirms Secret Affair with Stepfather

Aug 7, 2021

Kingston Lie Detector Test confirms Secret Affair with Stepfather

Our client betrayed her mother’s trust by sleeping with her stepfather. The affair had been kept secret for years but was confirmed with a Kingston lie detector test.

Melanie’s Case

When Melanie was 17 years old her parents divorced and her mother, Julia, remarried. Baron became her stepfather despite being only 10 years older than Melanie.

Julia was a high-flying executive for an NGO and frequently travelled abroad. Baron and Melanie were left to their own devices and got on very well.

One evening Baron seduced Melanie and took her virginity. The affair continued whenever Julia was away working. Both agreed to keep their affair a secret.

When Melanie went to university, she continued to sleep with Baron on home visits but over time her interest diminished partly because of guilt. As she matured, she began to appreciate that Baron wasn’t a nice person and treated her mother badly. A year ago, Melanie ended her relationship with him.

Unexpected visitor

One day when Melanie called her mother, Julia was obviously distressed. She believed Baron was having an affair, but he denied it.

Apparently, she had come home early from one of her business trips and Baron was not at home when ordinarily he would be. She had tried calling him, but his phone was off. When he got home at 3am he was drunk and accompanied by an equally drunk girl. Naturally, he was surprised to find Julia at home but said the girl was a colleague and the entire firm had been out celebrating a marketing contract they had won.  He introduced her to Claudia who said she had agreed to a coffee to sober up before going home. She said her husband would be annoyed if he thought she was drunk.

So, Claudia had her coffee and then went home in a cab.  Julia was infuriated and asked Baron if he was sleeping with her. He told her to have more confidence in herself and her jealousy was misplaced. Claudia was much younger than Julia, but she was married he said.

Pouring out her heart to Melanie, she said she didn’t know what to do.

Revealing the secret

Melanie told her mother to kick Baron out and the secret she had kept for many years just came out. She told her mother chapter and verse of when the affair began, how long it had continued and when it ended.

She said she wouldn’t be at all surprised if he was seeing someone else because he was just a cheating rat.

Astonishingly Julia didn’t believe her, and she was incandescent with rage. How could Melanie say such things, she asked. He may very well be having an affair, but no way would he sleep with her child. She accused Melanie of trying to make matters worse than they already were.

Kingston lie detector test

Months went by with Julia not taking Melanie’s calls. Having confided in a friend, the friend’s parents suggested she take a lie detector test to prove to her mother that she was telling the truth.

Rather than come to one of our offices, Melanie took the test at her friend’s parents´ home. Our London polygraph examiner found no deception in her test results.

Melanie emailed her polygraph report to Julia who has now booked a lie detector test for Baron. Whether she will forgive her daughter’s betrayal remains to be seen. We will update this case with a conclusion when we have the information.

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