Maidstone Lie Detector Test exposes Promiscuous Boyfriend

Aug 12, 2021

Maidstone Lie Detector Test exposes Promiscuous Boyfriend

Our client booked a Maidstone lie detector test for her boyfriend when someone drew her attention to his profile on dating app, Tinder.

Poppy’s Case

Poppy and Elliot had been living together for over three years when she found out that he was on Tinder. A friend of hers, who had split from her boyfriend, found the profile when she was scrolling through men to date. She forwarded it to Poppy.

When Elliot got home from work Poppy showed him the profile and asked him to explain it. At first, he said it must be someone using his photo but Poppy wasn’t convinced. Then he said that he had forgotten to take his profile down after they got together. This sounded more believable, but she found it odd that he hadn’t told her he was on Tinder. They had met at a friend’s dinner party in the real world!

While she believed he had probably forgotten to delete his account, the content of the profile disturbed her more. He stated on it that he was a male model and escort, neither of which was true. In addition, his super stud status divulged that he had slept with over 100 women. Elliot said all men lied on Tinder. Poppy wondered what type of woman would be attracted to a man who had slept with so many.

Maidstone lie detector test

Suspicion festered and grew over the next few weeks. Not long after they started dating Elliot told her that he’d only had 4 lovers. If, in fact, there were over 100 she wondered how committed he really was to her. They had a young son and if the relationship was going to fail, she would prefer it happened sooner rather than later.

Poppy booked a Maidstone lie detector test for Elliot online. His reluctance to take it caused her more anxiety, but he turned up for the appointment.

In the pre-test interview, Elliot told our London polygraph examiner that he had spent a couple of years as a male escort.  He was not proud of what he had done but it was a way of making decent money. It had allowed him to buy the house he and Poppy lived in, and his savings would always be a safety net for them.

The test results confirmed that he had indeed had sex with more than 100 women but none since he had been with Poppy.


The couple are now in relationship counselling after Elliot convinced Poppy that his sexual activities were in a sense part of his job.  It remains to be seen whether they will stay together or not.

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