Can I get a Lie Detector Test for Theft in Sutton?

This query for a lie detector test for theft in Sutton came from someone who thinks a colleague is stealing from her. Our West Midlands Polygraph Examiner responded.

The problem

I have a close friendship with one of my work colleagues. We often used to go for a drink after work before the pandemic and to lunch together.

Since being able to work back in the office, we have resumed going out to lunch. As you can imagine places are filling up at lunch time with office workers regaining their freedom.

I have an embarrassing problem which causes me to have to go for a wee a lot. I am hopefully going to get an appointment with a gynaecologist to sort it out soon. Normally, when I need to rush off to the loo, I ask my colleague to watch my bag for me.

The thing is that I am noticing things missing from my bag now. It started with small things like pens, eye makeup and packets of tissues but now I have noticed small amounts of money have gone. My concern is that one day I will have something valuable in my bag that gets stolen.

Another worry is that if she is stealing from me, she might also be stealing from work.

I don’t want to lose the friendship but wonder if a lie detector test for theft in Sutton is possible. Perhaps because she only steals small things and insignificant amounts of money, she has a problem. There is a name for it which I have forgotten.

Can you help?

M. I., Sutton

Response from West Midlands Polygraph Examiner

You can book a lie detector test for theft in Sutton, but you may have difficulty persuading your colleague and friend to take it. An easy way to stop her stealing from you is to take your bag with you when you go to the ladies.

If she is stealing insignificant things, it may be that she is a kleptomaniac. Or has developed kleptomania during the pandemic if she wasn’t stealing from you before. This is a mental disorder when the sufferer just has an uncontrollable compulsion to steal things that they don’t need, usually of little value.

We understand your concern that she might also be stealing from work and of course, she could also be shoplifting.

As difficult as it may be, you should confront her with the fact you are missing things from your bag when she is supposed to be looking after it.  She may realise she has a problem and might welcome the opportunity to confess and talk about it.

Alternatively, a lie detector test might be the push she needs to do something about it.

Booking a lie detector test for theft

Before booking the test, you are very welcome to call our confidential free helpline (07572 748364) to discuss the matter further.  Our customer care staff will be able to give you some advice as to how to persuade your friend to take a test, if necessary.

You can then either book a test over the telephone or book online using our secure reservation system.