Warwick Lie Detector Test vindicates Best Friend

Our client put herself in the line of fire for her friend to “shoot the messenger”. It resulted in her taking a Warwick lie detector test

Lily’s Case

Lily had been close friends with Chelsea from their school days.  Chelsea was maid of honour at Lily’s wedding but had never met the right man to settle down with. Indeed, Chelsea hadn’t been out with very many men at all.

At one point Lily wondered whether Chelsea was a lesbian but figured if she were, her friend would tell her. Chelsea lacked self confidence and although she wasn’t a classic beauty, she had a wonderfully warm personality.

Lily was over the moon when she heard that Chelsea was dating someone but had her suspicions when it turned out to be Marcus. They had both known Marcus at school, and he was possibly the most attractive boy in their class, if not in the entire school.

Apparently, he had been dumped by his model girlfriend recently so was now single and said he was looking to settle down. Chelsea had found him on a dating app.

Ulterior motive

Not long after the surprising revelation Lily, and her husband Ben, were invited to a friend’s wedding. Chelsea and Marcus were also invited.

At the reception, prompted by Lily, Ben got up and asked Chelsea to dance. While they were on the dance floor Lily asked Marcus what he had been up to over the years. She learned he had a failed marriage behind him and joint custody of his two young sons. He was a long-distance lorry driver and thought it might be time he settled down.

He said he had hooked up with Chelsea because she seemed the type who might look after his boys while he was away. And since she wasn’t the most attractive woman in the world, she would be grateful for having him in her life.

Lily was horrified and decided to let Chelsea know what Marcus had said at the earliest available opportunity.

Shooting the messenger

As so often happens when we interfere in the relationships of others, albeit with the best intentions, it can backfire. And it did in a big way for Lily.

A week after the wedding Lily invited Chelsea out for a coffee and revealed what Marcus had told her.  Chelsea was very quiet, thanked Lily for telling her and left rather quickly.

That evening she called Lily and asked her why she was trying to stir up trouble between her and Marcus.  She had spoken to Marcus about it, and he had vehemently denied ever saying such things. Maybe Lily was jealous that she had pulled such a hunk, considering Ben was a bit of a wimp, she said. And with that, she cut the call.  Lily tried to call her back several times, but Chelsea didn’t pick up.

Warwick lie detector test

By the time Ben got home, Lily was distraught that her friend had reacted the way she had. She was hurt, after all those years of friendship, that Chelsea had effectively accused her of being a liar. She had tried to protect her friend from being used and possibly abused by Marcus.

Ben, who was a private investigator, suggested that Lily take a lie detector test. The results would at least prove she was telling the truth and then it would be up to Chelsea what she wanted to do with that information.

Lily booked a Warwick lie detector test which was conducted at her home by our West Midlands Polygraph Examiner. No deception was found in her test results.


Lily emailed the Warwick lie detector test results to Chelsea. She didn’t receive a response until 3 months later.  Marcus had dumped Chelsea in favour of a “more attractive model”. He had also admitted to everything he told Lily at the wedding reception.

Being a good friend, Lily forgave Chelsea for what she had said about Ben and for the insults she had made.