Nuneaton Lie Detector Test exonerates Cheating Husband

Our client ordered a Nuneaton lie detector test for her husband, some ten years after catching him in bed with another woman.

Alma’s Case

When Alma caught her husband, Chad, in bed with another woman her world fell apart. She had come home early from a business trip hoping to surprise Chad in a good way.

As she entered the house she heard laughter coming from upstairs. She called up the stairs, but Chad didn’t respond and the laughter continued.  Dropping her luggage, she went into the kitchen to put the kettle on and then made her way upstairs.

In the master bedroom she found her husband naked in bed with another woman. At first she couldn’t process it and stood staring at them. They were so busy having raunchy sex they didn’t notice her. She then turned on her heel and went back downstairs. She picked up her luggage, left the house and drove to her mother’s.

A few hours later Chad called her to ask what time she would be home. All the hurt she felt came out during that phone call as she told him what she had seen.

Relationship counselling

Over months, he convinced her to go to relationship counselling with him. That was over 10 years ago and they had pulled through. It transpired that Chad was resentful because Alma was the main breadwinner and away, much of the time, on business trips. When she got home, she was tired and their sex life was practically non-existent. All she ever talked about was her work and she never asked him how he was doing. So disinterested in him was she, that she hadn’t realised he had been having an affair for 6 years out of their 9 year marriage.

It was decided that Alma would delegate more, since she had her own business, and spend more time with her husband. She forgave his infidelity but never forgot it.

During the following 10 years they rekindled the romance in their relationship, went on several holidays, and fell in love all over again.

Suspicious behaviour

Alma would be the first to admit that despite saving her marriage, trust was difficult to rebuild. Hating herself for doing it, she often checked Chad’s phone and laptop when he wasn’t around. She scoured his social media accounts and messages on his phone.

However, latterly he had changed the passwords on all his devices. When she asked him why, he said it was normal security to do that. Didn’t she get messages from Google to change hers periodically, he asked?

Whenever she asked for his password, he reproached her for checking up on him and said their relationship would fall apart if she didn’t trust him. He swore on his mother’s life that he wasn’t seeing anyone else.

Nuneaton lie detector test

It was 3 months after the password change that Alma called us.  She booked a Nuneaton lie detector test at her home for her husband

Chad lost his temper when she told him that she had booked the polygraph examination.  Firstly, he refused to take it but when Alma said their marriage was over if he didn’t, he agreed.

Our West Midlands polygraph examiner conducted the test and found no deception in Chad’s answers to questions about infidelity.

When Alma received the peer reviewed, fully analysed report, she was overjoyed but Chad wasn’t. Sitting down with her Chad said that living with her being permanently suspicious and accusing him of cheating when he wasn’t, would destroy their marriage.

He loved her and acknowledged that her lack of trust was caused by his behaviour, but that was 10 years ago. Life had moved on. Alma may seek further counselling to manage her mistrust.

West Midlands Polygraph Service

When infidelity occurs, it is extremely difficult to restore trust. But if you have decided to forgive you need to work hard on it. Constantly accusing someone of something they haven’t done may drive them to it.

Rather than argue about your suspicions, a lie detector test is the quickest way to nip them in the bud. Our West Midlands polygraph examiners are available to help. Call our free helpline confidentially on 07572 748364 for an informal chat about your issue.