London Lie Detector Tests offered to Certain Royals

With all the media hype about certain Royal Family members we thought we would wade in and offer them London lie detector tests. And if they can’t make London, anywhere in the UK will do.

Prince Andrew

Things have heated up apace since Prince Andrew’s car crash interview with the BBC´s Emily Maitlis, a year ago. In our opinion it did more to damage his credibility than anything else.  You can access it below in case you missed it.

The FBI are insistent that the Duke of York is not communicating with them regarding his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, and sexual abuse allegations made by Virginia Roberts Guiffre. Much less cooperating with their investigation. Conversely the Prince says he can’t understand why they are saying this.

Now Ms Guiffre has filed a civil lawsuit against him in New York. Judge Lewis Kaplan (Manhatten Federal Court) has scheduled the hearing for 13 September this year at 4pm. The case will be heard by telephone conference.

The lawsuit was filed on Monday 9 August and Prince Andrew has, so far, not responded to it according to many media outlets. Certainly, he has made no public statements about the case and nor has the Palace.

In April this year, Ian Halperin, (a New York Times bestselling author) offered Prince Andrew £10million to take a lie detector test. Halperin said it would give him an opportunity to “clear his name” regarding allegations that have been made about his friendship with Epstein. No response has been received to the offer.

At Lie Detector Test UK we do not publicly conduct polygraph examinations, nor do we offer people millions to take them.  If we offer free tests, we expect that anyone who has nothing to hide will accept our invitation.

We therefore offer Prince Andrew one of our London lie detector tests, free of charge, as a first step toward rebuilding his credibility.

Prince Harry

We are also offering Prince Harry a polygraph examination at no cost, to clear up a few issues that arose during the infamous Oprah Winfrey interview.  Our once favourite Prince seems to have completely changed his personality since marrying Meghan Markle.

He has lost popularity with many describing him as “whining and privileged”. Because certain lies were provably told during the interview, we think he has questions to answer. For example, he said he never did normal things like riding a bike when he was a boy. Almost immediately after this a photo appeared of him on a bike when he was a child.

So, we might reasonably ask if he was lying about anything else. Since he is returning to the UK shortly, we would love him to take one of our London lie detector tests.

Meghan and Thomas Markle

Since it is unlikely that this warring father and daughter are likely to be in the UK any time soon, we doubt they will accept our invitations for free London lie detector tests.

However, there are many polygraph examiners in the USA who, we are certain, would volunteer their services freely to conduct tests on either or both.

In the Oprah Winfrey interview Meghan most certainly told provable lies. The most notable was her telling millions of viewers that she had married 3 days before the public wedding ceremony. The Archbishop of Canterbury confirmed this was not the case.

The Duchess of Sussex (who seems to like her title but not Royal duties) has been estranged from her father since shortly before her wedding. Thomas Markle was unable to attend her wedding due to a heart condition. However, he has never met his grandchildren and his daughter is not speaking to him.

Blackmail or desperation?

As a result, Thomas Markle has given several television interviews, the most recent to Dan Wootton of GB News. He told Dan that his daughter had changed since meeting Prince Harry and branded her a liar over certain statements she made in the Oprah Winfrey interview. He added “She’s been lying for years, she’s been lying on and off over different things for years, lying about the Archbishop? How can you lie about the Archbishop? How can you say we got married three days before the wedding when they didn’t?”

The full interview can be seen below:

There were mixed views on social media about the Thomas Markle interview. Some people felt he was blackmailing his daughter because he said he would continue to give TV interviews. Mr Markle believes it is the only way he can communicate with his daughter.

There is no doubt that these interviews will be embarrassing for the Sussexes, but they don’t seem worried about embarrassing the Royal Family.

Perhaps it is time for Meghan to repair her relationship with her father which will negate any necessity he feels for communicating via the media.

London lie detector tests

Our highly qualified, APA (American Polygraph Association) accredited polygraph examiners work in London and throughout the UK. They diligently and meticulously work to uncover the truth, helping thousands of people annually to move forward with their lives.

If you are interested in learning more about our London lie detector tests please call our free helpline on 07572 748364.