Croydon Lie Detector Test query about Stolen Ideas

One of our London polygraph examiners dealt with this query for a Croydon lie detector test related to a work colleague taking credit for other colleagues’ ideas.

Q: Will a lie detector test help prove that one of our colleagues is stealing our ideas?

I work for a PR/Marekting agency and since the pandemic everyone who works with me has done so from home.  We have regular Zoom meetings to bounce our ideas off each other.

However, one of our colleagues (I’ll call him Dave) is infuriating us. When we discuss the new concepts we have come up with, he will often say how great they are. The next thing that happens is he goes to our boss and passes them off as his own.

It’s happened several times over the past 18 months, and we are all sick and tired of it. Our boss thinks that Dave is the best thing since sliced bread. The concepts he stole have worked extremely well for the clients and Dave gets all the credit.

We don’t want to lose our jobs

None of us has said anything to our boss because it would make us look childish or we might be seen as ‘grassing’ him up. We tried to put an end to it by not inviting Dave to our meetings, but he complained to our boss and now must be invited. He had no problem in snitching on us. Since Dave oversees uploading our meetings to the cloud, it was a bit counterproductive anyway.

Our boss is never interested in watching our meetings and is only interested in the bottom line. So Dave now deletes them.

We love our jobs and need them.  I get the feeling that Dave will be promoted if this continues, all on the back of our ideas. None of us would be happy working under this insufferable creep.

The latest concept he stole was from me and It has made the client a lot of money. If I took a Croydon lie detector test, would it help prove to my boss that the idea was mine? Our office is not that far away from yours.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

C. J., Croydon

Response from London polygraph examiner

The short answer to your query is that a lie detector test would help you to prove your idea has been stolen.

However, you do not seem to be comfortable with snitching on Dave and that’s what you would have to do.  Presumably, you would show the polygraph results to your boss.

You might want to consider confronting Dave and asking him why he feels it necessary to steal your ideas. Doesn’t he have any of his own? Or get your boss to attend your next Zoom meeting telling him that there are some important concepts you all want to discuss with him.

If all else fails, then a lie detector test is your best option provided you are willing to snitch on Dave.

Our confidential free helpline is available on 07572 748364 if you would like to discuss the issue further.  A problem shared is often a problem halved.

Booking a Croydon lie detector test

If you decide to take the polygraph route you can book a test online using our secure reservation system. The test can be taken in your home or at our controlled offices in a location near you.

We wish you the very best of luck in resolving your problem, no matter what you decide to do about it.