National Kiss and Make Up Day

Aug 26, 2021

National Kiss and Make Up Day

Today is National Kiss and Make Up Day, a special day when we can put differences aside and repair our relationships. But how easy is that to do?

As humans we fall out about many things, some trivial and others more serious. As UK polygraph examiners we tend to see the more serious type of arguments and discord daily.

Difficult or impossible to forgive

To kiss and make up with someone who has spread false allegations about you is almost impossible to do. This especially applies when the false allegations are related to paedophilia, child neglect or domestic violence.

Rape or sexual abuse is impossible to forgive to which victims of it can attest.  At Lie Detector Test UK we sponsor The Maggie Oliver Foundation, a charity that is committed to helping those who have been victims of child sexual abuse. Reading through the testimonies of survivors on their website is truly heart-breaking. However, despite what they have suffered, which will remain with them throughout their lives, it is great to know that they are working their way toward some form of normality.

Theft is horrible no matter where it occurs but quite often, after a lie detector test for theft within the family, the culprit is forgiven. However, rebuilding trust takes a very long time. Mostly this type of crime is not reported to the police as families prefer to sort it out themselves.

Infidelity for some people is impossible to kiss and make up over.  Others can repair their relationships through couples counselling.  Many of our clients, after a lie detector test for infidelity when deception has been found, often try to save their marriages. It depends very much on how long the affair has been going on, whether it was just a one night stand or if sex workers have been involved.  It’s much easier to repair a relationship when the infidelity has been purely physical. When emotions are involved, it’s not so simple.

Temporary fix

Many people subscribe to the belief that you should “never go to bed on an argument”. If you kiss and make up before the argument is resolved, that’s just a temporary fix. Whatever the problem is will sit at the back of the mind festering, until it comes out again. And resentment will set in when you’ve had to kiss and make up when you didn’t really want to.

The suspicion of deception or dishonesty erodes the strongest of relationships. Infidelity suspicions are particularly harmful to your emotional and physical health. It interferes with every aspect of your life because it never leaves your mind.  A lie detector test for infidelity is the quickest way to dispel or confirm your suspicions.

However, whether your suspicions are confirmed or negated, there is still work to do before you can truly kiss and make up. If there has been an affair or sexual dalliance, trust needs to be rebuilt. But if your suspicions were unfounded, you may need to seek help for your feelings of insecurity or unjustified jealousy. Remember, if your partner is being pilloried for doing something they are not doing, they may decide that they will get into the same trouble if they are doing it! Don’t push them in that direction.

Making mountains out of molehills

There are few people in this world who have not fallen out with a neighbour, friend, family member or colleague. Sometimes, looking back it may be difficult to remember what caused the argument but you are still not speaking to each other.

Today is a good day to offer an olive branch, an apology and if necessary a compromise. Life is too short for minor disagreements to seriously affect relationships with those we care deeply about. If you value the relationship does it matter who breaks the silence?

Often minor disagreements occur due to misunderstandings. Calmly discussing the matter after the heat has died down, may reveal that there was misunderstanding on both sides.

Are you aware that kissing causes your brain to release oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine? These are all chemicals that make you feel good. If you think you made a mountain out of molehill in a past dispute, kiss and make up with that person today. You will feel so much happier.

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