Mother’s Appalling Knowledge exposed by Mansfield Lie Detector Test

Our client had a terrible childhood, but one aspect of it he felt could only be resolved with a Mansfield lie detector test.

Tobias’s Case

At 40, Tobias had come to terms with the horrendous abuse he suffered during his childhood. It had taken countless hours with a psychologist and the support of his wife. He married late having struggled to sustain ‘normal’ relationships. But when he met Allison he knew she was the one. She was his wife, his best friend, and the Mother of his two young sons.

Early on in their relationship Tobias told Allison what he had endured as a child.  He had never known his father, who had walked out on his mother before he was born. He remembered a succession of ‘uncles’, some who stayed for a while and others that passed like ships in the night.

Sexual abuse

Some of those who stayed abused him sexually, usually when his mother passed out drunk. The first time it happened, he was around 8. When he told his mother about it, she told him not to be so ridiculous. Because he was left to his own devices much of the time, he had to admit he daydreamed a lot and sometimes made up stories. In a particularly harrowing and painful experience when he was 12, he again told his mother and she accused him of making things up to get attention. The problem with his memory of that occasion was that he seemed to remember his mother standing in the doorway of his bedroom, watching as the man raped him.

At 15, Tobias left home and went to live with a schoolfriend and his parents. After that his life began to take a turn for the better. He did a City & Guilds course online and finally secured a job as an apprentice with an electrician.  4 years later he started his own business and worked extremely hard to make it the success it is today.

Considering what he had been through, Allison was so proud of her husband who was a survivor and refused to be a victim.

Call for help

Tobias, although in contact with his mother throughout the years, kept it to the bare minimum. Invariably if he called her, or she him, she was drunk.

However, recently he got a call from a hospital near to where she lived in Mansfield. She had fallen down the stairs, breaking an arm and twisting an ankle.  It was clear that she would need help to recover.

When Tobias went to visit, she asked if she could stay with him for a while. Since Tobias lived 200 miles away it would have been more practical than attempting to commute. But that would mean she would be in his home with his sons. The niggling picture in his mind, of her standing in the doorway of his bedroom all those years ago, came to the fore again.

Mansfield lie detector test

Tobias told his mother that she could stay with him on two conditions. One was that she didn’t drink alcohol and the other was that she passed a lie detector test related to the sexual abuse he had suffered as a boy.

Our East Midlands polygraph examiner formulated questions with Tobias that would lead to him learning what he wanted to know. In effect he needed to know whether she was aware of the sexual abuse and chose to ignore it.

Given little choice his mother agreed to her son’s conditions and took the lie detector test in Mansfield.  The results disgusted Tobias.

Not only did his mother know about the sexual abuse, she had in some cases arranged it.


Allison was as horrified as Tobias was. Under no circumstances could his mother stay with them, and the couple wanted nothing more to do with her. Tobias arranged and paid for some home help, which will almost certainly be the last thing he ever does for his mother.

The Maggie Oliver Foundation

If you have suffered sexual abuse during your childhood, The Maggie Oliver Foundation is always available to offer help and support. For this reason and many others, we sponsor this charity. You can access their website by clicking here.