Being Compared to Ex drives Wife to order a Worksop Lie Detector Test

Our client was suspicious when her husband of 9 months began comparing her to his ex. Suspecting infidelity, she ordered a Worksop lie detector test.

Lauren’s Case

When Lauren met Ben, he was going through an acrimonious divorce from his wife, Sara. She had dumped him for a younger man, and he was incredibly hurt especially since they had been childhood sweethearts.

They dated for over a year before Ben proposed and Lauren accepted. The couple spared no expense in making their wedding day magical, but they had to cancel their honeymoon due to the pandemic.

Both were able to work from home and the first couple of months were great as they managed to spend so much time together. However, something that began as a minor irritation developed into a massive problem between them.

Comparing her to his ex

It started with Ben telling Lauren that the chilli con carne she had cooked was delicious. But Sara used to add a bit of brown sugar with a dash of vinegar to hers which made it extra special.

Then when the washing machine broke down, he told her that it was probably a limescale problem. Sara, he said, added a dishwasher tablet together with the detergent which helped prevent this.

As time progressed almost everything Lauren did was compared to the way Sara did it. The first row they had was when Ben called her Sara while they were making love.

Ex’s relationship falls apart

One evening Sara called Ben to tell him that her young boyfriend had left her.  She was inconsolable and despite the Covid restrictions, Ben told Lauren he was going to see her.

Lauren was incredulous. This woman had dumped him and hurt him deeply, yet he was going to console her because her lover had left her, and she said as much. Not being able to dissuade him from going, Lauren angrily told him to do what he liked.

Later, when he returned home, he apologised and said that Sara had been suicidal. Purely on a friendship basis he felt he had to help.

From this point Sara was permanently messaging Ben or on the phone. When Ben went back to working in his office, he was often late home.  Sometimes he would admit to calling in on Sara on his way home.

Worksop lie detector test

Lauren’s best friend was also her father. They spoke with each other at least twice a week. He had known there was something wrong with his daughter for some time but never pushed her to tell him what it was. He knew she would when she was ready.

One evening Lauren called him in tears and told him everything that had happened from start to finish. She had kept it from him because she didn’t want her marriage to be seen as a failure but now, she didn’t know what to do.

Her father suggested booking a lie detector test to establish the extent of Ben’s relationship with his ex.

When Lauren called us confidentially on our free helpline, she wanted to know if a lie detector test could help her find out if her husband still loved her. Our East Midlands polygraph examiner told her that it could not. Love is a transitory feeling. Ben might love her on one day, but not on the next. However, a polygraph examination would help her find out the true extent of Ben’s relationship with his ex.

Lauren booked a Worksop lie detector test for infidelity and was somewhat surprised that Ben was so willing to take it. Perhaps she was being paranoid, she thought.

Results and conclusion

When Lauren got the results of the polygraph examination, she was devastated to learn that Ben had not only kissed his ex-wife but was also sleeping with her.  She called Ben at work but they said he had called in sick.

On further investigation she found that some of Ben’s clothes were missing and his toiletries from the bathroom. Later in the day, she received an apologetic WhatsApp message from Ben stating that he was still in love with Sara. He had married Lauren on the rebound and that had been a mistake. The Worksop lie detector test had provided a way for him to confess as he was too cowardly to face her with the truth.

Lauren is picking up the pieces of her life with the help of friends and family. The truth is sometimes hard to bear but at least Lauren didn’t waste the best years of her life on a relationship that was ultimately going nowhere.