Terrible Twins caught out by Bristol Lie Detector Tests

Jul 28, 2021

Terrible Twins caught out by Bristol Lie Detector Tests

Our client’s twin 17-year-old boys had learned to tell lies at a very early age. Their lies were senseless and often about each other. Bristol lie detector tests were ordered as a last resort to put an end to their deceit.

Claire’s Case

When Claire became pregnant with twins her parents railroaded her into getting married to Chris, the father.  His parents were equally as coercive. It was a mistake and Chris left 9 months after identical twins, Chase and Charlie were born.

Claire found it extremely difficult cope in the early years. Rather than get a job she started an Ann Summers party plan business which gave her more flexibility in working hours.  Despite obstacles and difficulties, she made a huge success of the enterprise.

She went through a series of babysitters until finally deciding that she could afford a live-in nanny.  Not a great believer in discipline, the nanny allowed the twins far too much leeway but after a hard day or night’s work Claire was often too tired to address the issue.

Growing up

When the twins started school, behavioural problems became evident. If they misbehaved, they would blame each other. On one occasion, when they were 8 years old Chase spread superglue on their teacher’s chair. The prank caused roars of laughter as the teacher sat down and even more when she got up with the chair stuck to her. Norman, who was the teacher’s pet, ‘grassed’ Chase up but Chase said Norman was mistaken as it was Charlie who had done it. Neither twin suffered any consequences since it couldn’t be proven which one of them had actually done the deed. The blame game became a regular feature in their lives. It ensured that neither would get into trouble.

When Claire discovered that money was missing from her purse, neither twin would admit stealing it. She could hardly punish them when she had no idea which one was responsible. The nanny didn’t help when she constantly suggested that Claire may be mistaken as to how much money she had.

By the time they reached their teens, the boys were out of control. The nanny, who had grown very fond of them, covered up their misdeeds as often as she could.

And then the day came when Claire was called to their college as Charlie had been accused of selling drugs to other students.

Bristol lie detector tests

For Claire this was the last straw. She hated drugs as her mother had been an addict. Charlie emphatically denied that he was selling drugs and blamed Chase.

Terrified that one, or both, would end up with criminal records Claire booked two Bristol lie detector tests, one for each of them.

Our Southwest polygraph examiner conducted the tests and found deception in Chase’s answers to his questions. Charlie’s test results showed none.

In their pre-test interviews both twins blamed their behaviour on the fact that they had no father in their lives. They had no respect for their nanny or their mother since both had let them get away with so much.


Chase has been expelled from college and both twins are in counselling. If this case teaches us anything it is that boundaries should always be set for children at an early age.

Sometimes it takes a lie detector test to get to the truth, whether it comes out in the pre-test interview or because of the polygraph examination.  The truth allows us to move forward with our lives.

Southwest Polygraph Services

If there is something bothering you, related to suspicions of dishonesty call our free helpline (0800 861 1058) to find out if we can help you.  Claire booked Bristol lie detector tests for her sons because that is where she lives. However, we have offices throughout the Southwest and nationwide as well as a home lie detector test service.

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