Nottingham Lie Detector Test reveals False Allegations of Paedophilia

Aug 10, 2021

Nottingham Lie Detector Test reveals False Allegations of Paedophilia

When a relative was arrested for possession of pornographic images of children on his computer, our client booked a Nottingham lie detector test to establish the truth.

Azari’s Case

When Azari was invited to a family wedding, she was reluctant to go with her young children. This was because her cousin, Faizan, would be there. He had recently been arrested after pornographic images of children were found on his laptop. On bail, a court date had not been set for his case yet but he intended to plead “not guilty”.

Azari’s husband, Chamali, was annoyed with her, mentioning that in Britain, and in their home country of Pakistan, people were innocent until proven guilty. Nevertheless, Azari would not be moved.

Innocent or guilty?

When she had first heard about the issue with Faizan, she was horrified. She loved her cousin and couldn’t believe that he was a paedophile. However, in the months leading up to the wedding, other family members told her they believed he was.

It was difficult to reconcile the conflict in her mind. On the one hand she felt he was innocent but on the other, given so many of her family thought he was guilty she questioned her own judgement. Either way, she was not prepared to place her children in potential danger.

She decided she would go and confront Faizan with her fears.


Faizan agreed to meet Azari after prayers at the mosque.  They went to a nearby café where they found a space out of earshot of the other customers.

Azari learned that Faizan was conflicted because he knew who had downloaded and stored the offensive photos on his laptop. It had to be his older brother, Durab since nobody else had the password to it. He was shocked when the police arrived demanding to look at his laptop but allowed them to without a warrant.  He had nothing to fear he thought.  When they found the child pornography images in a hidden file he was disgusted. And when he was arrested, he was terrified.

How could he tell the police that the only other person who had access to the laptop was his brother?

Nottingham lie detector test

Azari, who worked in forensic psychology, suggested he take a lie detector test in Nottingham near to where Faizan lived. In this way he could prove what he was saying was true, and the family might intervene to help.

She booked the Nottingham lie detector test and our East Midlands polygraph examiner conducted Faizan’s test. In the pre-test interview he told our examiner much the same as he had told Azari. No one other than Durab had access to his laptop.

No deception was found in his test results and Azari was sent a fully analysed, peer reviewed report within 24 hours since she had ordered and paid for the test.


A family meeting was arranged, and they all sat down to discuss the matter. When the relatives saw the Nottingham lie detector test results all eyes focused on Durab.

After initially denying it was him, Durab confessed under threat of having to submit to the same type of polygraph examination that Faizan had. He was then accompanied to the police station by his father.

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