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Manchester Lie Detector Test

Manchester is one of the North West’s largest and most loved cities. It is a perfect example of how diversity and multiculturalism can combine to form fantastic communities. The Greater Manchester economy turns over more than £35 billion annually and in terms of the office marketplace is second only to London.

Whilst in some other parts of the country our polygraph examiners deal with large volumes of sexual harassment in the workplace cases, other types of sexual harassment apply in Manchester. Many of our cases in this city are related to other forms of sexual assault. Some are within Universities where students have complained about being sexually harassed by staff, others are of a general nature in the street, shops and even in the homes of friends.

What is sexual harassment?

Whether it is verbal or physical any sexual advance that is not invited constitutes sexual harassment. It may be in the form of messages or images sent to you, touching you in a sexual way, attempting to kiss or grope you or sexually assaulting you.

If you are not comfortable with any or all of the above, you should report it but maybe you won’t. If you can’t bring yourself to report this unwanted behaviour, you are not alone. Studies show that few men or women do with the overriding reason being that they either feel ashamed or don’t think they will be believed.

In today’s modern society sexual harassment is taken more seriously than it ever has been before. But for that to happen it needs to be reported.

How our Manchester Lie Detector Test Service helps

Many of our clients have had no one they feel they can talk to. Some have the misguided notion that they are over reacting. An overwhelming majority worry that if they report the sexual harassment they are unlikely to be believed.

Our specialist polygraph examiners will conduct a lie detector test, which takes approximately 2 hours. The results of the test can be utilised to prove to anyone who doesn’t believe you that you are telling the truth. The service is completely confidential and unbiased. Only you will know the results of the test and we will never share them with anyone without your express permission in writing.

The best way to deal with sexual harassment is to stop it in its tracks. The sooner you do something about it, the sooner it will stop. Book a Manchester lie detector test today.


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