Exeter Lie Detector Test Resolves Infertility Suspicions

Our client became suspicious when, despite watching the fertility clock, his wife didn’t become pregnant. Ultimately those suspicions led to an Exeter lie detector test.

Graham’s Case

It has always been Graham’s dream to have at least four children and it had taken a long time for him to find a like minded wife. By usual standards he had married late at 40 but when he met Elise he knew she was the one.

Elise was 10 years younger and said she would love to have lots of children and raise them on Graham’s farm. After a whirlwind courtship, the couple married within 6 weeks of meeting each other.

Graham´s mother, Marjorie, wasn’t so enthusiastic and told her son he had married in haste and would repent at leisure”.

A year seemed to fly past, but Elise didn’t become pregnant.  Nor did she appear to be concerned and had more interest in the hairdressing and beauty salon she had opened in one of the unused barns.

Fertility tests

Windows of conception came and went but there was still no pregnancy.  Elise said that perhaps Graham should have a sperm test since the problem was likely to be him. It transpired there was nothing wrong with Graham´s sperm count.

Elise organised a test for herself in a private clinic. There was no reason for her not to become pregnant either. However, since she had been having a depo shot for several years before marrying Graham, the consultant at the clinic said this might be the problem. In rare cases it could take up to two years for women to conceive after stopping this method of contraception.

Another year passed with no pregnancy in sight. Graham was disappointed but Elise was so absorbed in her business that it did not seem to affect her.

Suspicious mother

One evening when Elise was out on a pre wedding makeover for one of her clients, Marjorie asked Graham if he thought Elise was still using contraception. It really hadn’t occurred to him but now that his mother had put it in his mind, he couldn’t stop thinking about it.

He waited up for Elise and when she got home at two in the morning, he broached the subject. She became angry and defensive. How dare he suggest that she would do something as underhanded as that, she ranted.

For the first time since they married, they slept in separate bedrooms that night.

Exeter lie detector test

Marjorie continued to drip poison into her son’s ear. Elise was “young and flighty” in her opinion, and she had used Graham to build her now highly successful business.  Nothing was more important to her, and children would most definitely disrupt it.

When Graham went to have his blood pressure checked at the local surgery, he tried to find out if his wife was still having the depo jab. Patient confidentiality prevented him from finding out.

Marjorie suggested that he book an Exeter lie detector test for Elise. Although Graham was desperate to know the truth, he didn’t think his wife would agree to take it.

He was, therefore, astonished when he voiced his concerns to her, and she agreed immediately.


Our Exeter polygraph examiner conducted the lie detector test for Elise at the farm. When told that her responses to questions she had been asked were deceptive, she admitted she was still on the depo jab.

The reality was that Elise was an opportunist.  She saw a way to build her business with the help of a rich farmer and that’s what she did. She knew she couldn’t hold out forever and that is why she agreed to the polygraph examination. Having accrued enough money to set up elsewhere, she was ready to leave but didn´t have the courage to tell Graham face to face.

Graham was heartbroken and Marjorie’s “I told you so” didn’t help. Divorce proceedings are imminent.

It is not unusual for people to use lie detector tests to impart bad news. Some find it easier for their partner to receive a written report with the truth, rather than tell them face to face.