Nottingham Lie Detector Test reveals truth about Childhood Sex Abuse

Our client’s family ostracised her when she reported her brother for historical childhood sexual abuse. A Nottingham lie detector test healed the rift.

Denise’s Case

When Denise’s brother, Myles, was accused of sexually molesting a young girl the family rallied around him. He protested his innocence and they believed him. Denise was the only person in their family who didn’t.

Denise`s childhood had been miserable in so many ways. She was the first born and her father had wanted a boy.  There were times as Denise was growing up when she believed her mother blamed her for her father’s disappointment. She was two when Myles was born and as far back as she could remember, all attention was focused on her brother.

If Denise made a mistake she was shouted at and punished. Conversely Myles was never punished. Myles got everything he wanted and Denise very little.

Humiliation as entertainment

When Myles was around 6 years old, he would start crying and tell their mother that Denise had hit him. It wasn’t true but always resulted in her being either sent to bed with no tea or being hit by her mother, which Myles found highly amusing.

In adolescence, Myles would take great pleasure in humiliating her in front of his friends. At 15, she had acne and her brother called her “ugly duckling” whenever there was an audience. He made fun of her small breasts and asked if she was really a boy.

Not long after her 15th birthday, their parents went away for a weekend, leaving Denise in charge. They were specifically told not to have friends round to the house for a party.  Myles at 13 was a spoiled brat and knew that if he threw a party, it would be Denise who would get into trouble for it.

The party

Within hours of their parents’ departure, several friends of Myles turned up at the house. Some were around his age and others much older. Denise told them they couldn’t come in because her parents were away. Myles pushed her out of the way and invited them in, telling them to ignore the “ugly duckling”.

Hours later, the house was being trashed as the teenagers got more drunk. At 12 midnight the girls who had been in attendance left. Most of the boys went home two hours later leaving 4 stragglers. Their attention focused on Denise as she was trying to clear up. Two of the older boys asked Myles if he minded them “shagging” the ugly duckling. Myles told them to help themselves and that was when the nightmare began.

Dragged into the dining room, her clothes were ripped from her, and she was held down as one by one, they raped her including Myles.

Hours later, destroyed emotionally and physically, she was desperately trying to clean up after the party. But she couldn’t get the burn holes out of the furniture or the stains from the carpets.

When her parents got home, she was grounded for 6 months but nothing happened to Myles. She said nothing about the rape.

Ongoing sexual abuse

During those 6 months that she was grounded, whenever she was alone in the house with Myles he would sexually abuse her. He dropped the “ugly duckling” insult in favour of “slag” whenever his friends were around.

Just before her 16th birthday, Denise took an overdose. She could no longer take the abuse or live in her cruel world. She survived the suicide attempt and her parents sent her to live with an aunt in Scotland.

Denise thrived in Scotland, relieved that her brother could no longer abuse her. Still, she told no one about the rape.

Nottingham lie detector test

Now 40, and a high-flying executive, Denise got a rare call from her mother. Myles, the ‘golden boy’ layabout had been accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl. Could she help with solicitor’s fees?

Denise refused but went home to explain why. She sat down in her mother’s house with several members of the family and told them what had happened to her when she was a child.  Her mother called her a liar. Myles was only 13, at the time of the party her mother pointed out. Boys of that age weren’t interested in sex let alone capable of doing it, she said. The rest of the family agreed. Naturally, Myles denied it. And from that moment they ostracised Denise.

She contacted us primarily to ask if she could force her brother to take a lie detector test. She had told her parents that if Myles took a test, she’d pay his legal fees.  But Myles refused and the family supported his contention that he shouldn’t have to prove his innocence. Either they believed him or they didn’t.

Our East Midlands polygraph examiner told Denise that no one can be forced to take a lie detector test. However, she could take one to prove she wasn’t making false allegations. And that’s exactly what she did.

Results and conclusion

The Nottingham lie detector test that Denise took showed no deception whatsoever in her responses to the questions our examiner asked.

Armed with a fully analysed, peer reviewed report of her results she had another meeting with her family. She reiterated that she would pay for Myles’s legal fees if he took a test.

To date, Myles continues to refuse, and his mother is standing by him.  Other members of the family are highly supportive of Denise.

Childhood sexual abuse

If you recognise yourself in Denise’s case, please contact us to find out if a lie detector test can help you. Our helpline is free and confidential – 07572 748364.

Help is also available through The Maggie Oliver Foundation, a charity dedicated to helping survivors of childhood sexual abuse. And one we are proud to sponsor.