Compulsive liar takes Birmingham Lie Detector Test

Our client ordered a Birmingham lie detector test for his girlfriend having endured 6 years of deceit. She was a compulsive liar and he’d reached the limit of his patience.

Rod’s Case

As Rod walked through the park taking his daily exercise during lockdown he reflected on his relationship Chelsea. He’d lived with her for 6 years and lockdown had thrown them together 24/7.

Throughout their relationship if Chelsea could tell a lie she would. If it was raining outside she’d say it was sunny.  If she was wearing black shoes she’d tell you they were red.

Some of her lies he could understand.  When she overspent she always lied, probably because he would be annoyed.  But it was the senseless lies she told that got to him. And when she was caught out, she would go into a rage.

The more he walked that day, the more he felt the relationship had to end. In lockdown he noticed the lies more and began to realise he didn’t like her.  Chelsea had recently mentioned marriage but how could he commit to her if he didn’t even like her?

Suspicions of infidelity

There had been many times that he’d suspected her of having affairs. He always knew when something was going on because she would drop names of colleagues into the conversation repeatedly. Paul was the latest one. She was on the phone to Paul all the time. She couldn’t stop talking about how helpful and considerate Paul was.

Chelsea and he were working from home during lockdown but every two weeks Chelsea went into the office for meetings.  Paul was one of her co-workers. The meetings went on all day which to Rod seemed unusual.

Having got home from his walk, she began prattling on about Paul again.  So he asked her outright if she was having an affair.  “Methinks the lady doth protest too much” was an understatement.  Chelsea flew off the handle and told him not to be ridiculous, with a few expletives for good measure.

Birmingham lie detector test

Rod booked a Birmingham lie detector test through our secure reservation system.  In the subsequent conversation with our West Midlands Polygraph Examiner he said that Chelsea was a compulsive liar.

It was agreed that she would only be tested with questions related to infidelity.  Rod said that if she had been unfaithful to him the relationship was over.  It was therefore pointless addressing any other issue at this stage.

Told that a polygraph examination was booked for her, Chelsea initially refused to take it. She told Rod he was paranoid.  Knowing that she was half way through wedding plans, Rod told her he wouldn’t marry her unless she took the test.  If he couldn’t trust her, he wasn’t prepared to commit to her. Realising that he was serious, she agreed.


Rod’s suspicions were confirmed when he received the Birmingham lie detector test report with her results.  Chelsea confessed to our polygraph examiner in the pre-test interview that she was “having a fling” with Paul. She denied that she’d had any other lovers during the time she’d been living with Rod. Her test results proved otherwise.

It never ceases to amaze us how an examinee believes that by admitting to one affair, the polygraph won’t pick up the others.

Rod has moved out and is staying with his sister. He is relieved that there were no children from the relationship and that they hadn’t married.

Compulsive liar

Living with a compulsive liar or someone who lies pathologically is extremely difficult. Most liars lie for reasons such as not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings, or because they know they will be in trouble if they tell the truth. A compulsive liar tells lies for no apparent reason.  Currently doctors and scientists fail to understand entirely why some people do this.