Birmingham Lie Detector Test Query for Gender Change Coercion

Jun 7, 2021

Birmingham Lie Detector Test Query for Gender Change Coercion

This query for a Birmingham lie detector test comes from a worried father whose son feels coerced into changing his gender.

Q: Will a lie detector test help prove that my son is being coerced at school into changing his gender?

My 14-year-old son´s behaviour, over recent weeks, has been odd.  He appears depressed and much quieter than usual.  Last week we decided to sit him down and ask him what was wrong.  He ended up in tears saying that he feels ostracised by his teacher and some of his classmates.

Apparently in his sex education classes he told his teacher that he believed there were only two genders.  He was told this was not the case and that he shouldn´t express this opinion.  My son is not interested in sport and tends to be more artistic than academic. His teacher suggested to him that his interests were more feminine than masculine so perhaps he should consider whether he was “trapped in the wrong body”.  Since then, some of his classmates have accused him of being transphobic and others have ridiculed him for being “more like a girl”.

Naturally, I have complained to the headmaster of the school and my son’s sex education teacher.  They vehemently deny that anything my son has reported to me is true.

We are new to the area so haven’t yet made friends with any of the other parents. Is my son too young to take a lie detector test to prove what he is saying is true? If he can take one, is it possible to book a lie detector test in Birmingham?

I want to explore this plan of action because if, as I suspect, my son is telling the truth something needs to be done about the matter. Surely this can’t be right.

R. Y. Birmingham

Response from West Midlands Polygraph Examiner

With carefully formulated questions, a polygraph examination will determine whether there is deception in any of his responses.

Some parts of sex and relationship education are compulsory but there are some that you can opt out of. You can access more information about this by clicking here

You might want to consider contacting some of the other parents to ascertain whether they have had similar concerns. Even if you don’t know them, they may be happy to share any experiences they have had with the same issue. If there are more parents worried about this, there is strength in numbers.

Coercion of any sort is dangerous and particularly so when the consequences can be life changing. Teachers are there to educate, not to indoctrinate.

Birmingham lie detector test

You can book a Birmingham lie detector test online.  There is a choice of having the test conducted at home or in one of our controlled offices.

It is possible to conduct tests on a minor aged 14 years if that minor has good cognitive function and is fully aware of what a polygraph is and what it entails. The minor must also be able to understand the implications of the results and the outcome that may arise once given the results.

Hence before booking, please contact our free helpline on 0800 368 8277 for more information.

Naturally, you can expect the highest standards of confidentiality from our organisation.


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