Case Study | Birmingham Polygraph Examiner tests Psychic Medium

Psychic Mediums are people who believe they have mystic powers, be that to predict the future or to talk to the dead. Some experts have indicated that these people may have a “sixth sense” or a certain amount of spiritual power. A psychic reading is an appointment where a medium will inspect the customer’s “aura” (the electric and magnetic energy surrounding you). This allows them to explain certain circumstances and offer a prognosis of things that may happen in the future. Unfortunately, not all mediums are legitimate and can use tricks to get you to believe they are.  Our client asked our Birmingham Polygraph Examiner to intervene when he thought his wife was being taken for a ride.

Jack’s case

Francis father had passed away around 3 months previously. Their relationship had been close once but he never approved of her lifestyle. She was a career woman and he believed a woman’s place was in the home. When she married Jack, her father was certain she would settle down and have children but this didn’t happen.

Jack was proud of his wife. She was the CEO of a small firm in the city and she did want children, just not right now. The relationship dwindled between Francis and her father and shortly after this he passed away. They’d argued the day before he died and she said some things she regretted. When she saw a psychic medium advertisement in a magazine, proclaiming to be able to speak to the dead, she wanted to make amends.

Communication from beyond the grave

The appointment with the medium took place at their home and Jack wasn’t allowed in the room. Jack had never believed in psychics and listened from the next room. He could hear the medium asking leading questions of his wife. The answers Francis gave to the questions would have given the medium enough information to be able to pretend she was speaking to her father. The medium told Francis her father had something to tell her but then (conveniently, Jack thought) the spirit disappeared. It was then suggested that Francis needed another appointment so she could “reconnect”. Francis didn’t think twice and arranged an appointment for the following week.

Once bitten twice shy

Francis was convinced she had communicated with her father and wouldn’t stop going on about it. Jack, on the other hand, told her he didn’t believe this woman was genuine. This caused an argument and Francis truly believed Jack was trying to obstruct her from speaking to her father. The appointment took place and the same thing happened. The medium gave Francis just enough information to make her bite and book another appointment. The cost to date was £120, with another £60 appointment the following week.

Enough is enough

Jack was beside himself. Not only was this woman conning his wife but she was also making her believe in something that wasn’t there, at least not with this psychic anyway. He contacted us to find out if a lie detector test would help. Our Birmingham Polygraph Examiner told him that a polygraph test would prove whether or not the medium was genuine.

Jack confronted the medium the following week.  He expected resistance but she said she was happy to take the test and went to the appointment Jack had booked.

Results and Birmingham Polygraph Examiner report

When asked during the lie detector test “Are you lying when you say you are psychic medium? ” she answered “No”. She was telling the truth because she believed she was.  However, when asked “Are you lying when you say you have spoken to Francis’s deceased father in spirit form? “she also answered “No” and this was a lie.

It transpired that nothing she had told Francis had come from her father. The medium’s excuse for continuing the sessions was that she felt should would be able to communicate with him but needed more time. Nevertheless when asked if she had extended the sessions for monetary gain she said “no” which was also a lie.

For our Birmingham Polygraph Examiner this was an interesting case.  The medium believed she was psychic and could communicate with the dead.  But in the course of her ‘work’ she had lied.  This makes her a charlatan whether she knows it or not.

The lie detector test results were devastating for Francis. Jack was sorry he needed to expose the ‘medium’ but he couldn’t handle his already grieving wife being made to believe there was something beyond the grave. Jack didn’t know if there was, but in his view this medium certainly didn’t know either.

Do you think you are being duped?

Is someone taking advantage of your grief or good nature?  A lie detector test in Birmingham could help. We understand that most issues requiring our services are sensitive. But if you call our free helpline on 07572 748364, you can be assured that your matter will remain confidential. If you would like to write to our Birmingham Polygraph Examiner you can do so via our contact form. We will answer your question on our blog keeping your details confidential.