Lie Detector Test in Birmingham catches Malingerer out | Case Study

Mothers will always look after their children when they are ill, no matter how old they are.  However, when her son started to take advantage our client ordered a lie detector test in Birmingham to shake him into reality.

Hazel’s Case

John had been in a car accident a few weeks prior to coming home from the hospital. His mother Hazel had welcomed him with open arms. He had lived in a shared house prior to the incident and she promptly told him to give it up. She needed to look after her only son who still couldn’t work or even bathe himself.

John was really in a bad way when he got home. With all his ribs fractured down one side he wasn’t very mobile. Hazel cared for him, as she had done when he was a child. She was cutting up his food and even feeding him at times. John would sit on the sofa for days, either sleeping or binge watching television. Each day seemed to be worse than the previous day and there didn’t seem to be much improvement. After six months Hazel started to become suspicious. John was still in the same amount of pain as when he first arrived, if not more. Hazel offered to take him back to hospital but he’d refused. She’d argued that he clearly wasn’t in that much pain otherwise he’d at least agree to see his GP. She didn’t mind looking after him at all but she had her work. Their house needed cleaning and basically she was doing everything. She couldn’t afford a cleaner and John’s constant moaning and whinging seemed exaggerated all of the time.

Drop what you’re doing now!

John became irritated if he asked Hazel for something and it wasn’t there immediately. She may have been in the middle of working or cleaning but that didn’t seem to matter to John. If she went out he survived on his own. So why if she was there did he constantly call her for something and nothing? The day he asked for the remote control, which was inches away from his good side was the point she contacted us for a lie detector test in Birmingham. Hazel hated to doubt her son but this couldn’t go on. He hadn’t even enquired as to whether he could claim any benefits. The little money she earned wouldn’t keep them both. She was coping but only just. John was a grown man and he should be getting back to work by now. Fractured ribs were painful. Hazel had broken one some years ago and knew they certainly didn’t take six months to heal.

Lie detector test in Birmingham

John took the lie detector test in Birmingham only because Hazel had threatened to kick him out. The results confirmed that he was taking advantage of his mother.  He was not in so much pain that he couldn’t work.

Hazel was furious with her son for lying. Not only had she supported him but she’d had to pay for a polygraph test to prove he wasn’t as ill as he’d said. John admitted he loved having his mother look after him and this was why he’d lied. He was worried she’d throw him out and he’d have nowhere to go. Hazel didn’t expect him to leave but she did expect him to contribute to the running of the house and the cleaning. John is now helping out and has even gone back to work. He certainly won’t be trying to pull the wool over his mother’s eyes again.

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