Car Insurance Fraud exposed by Birmingham Lie Detector Test

Damage to our client’s car led to a car insurance fraud investigation. The facts were exposed by a Birmingham lie detector test.

Marion’s Case

When Marion went away for a few days with her partner, she left her 26 year old son, Sean, in charge of the house.  Her old Jaguar car, which was her pride and joy, was safely locked in the garage.

However, when she returned, there was a massive scrape along the side of the car and she was furious.  Sean didn’t have permission to drive the car, although he was insured to do so.  With an expensive body shop estimate to repair the damage, Marion submitted an insurance claim based on what Sean told her.

He said that he’d taken the car for a spin in the country to impress his new girlfriend.  The car was parked on the side of the road and a minivan passed it scraping the side.

They exchanged insurance details and that was that.

It wasn’t long before Marion learned that none of this was true.  It was her car that had scraped a minivan which was parked, not the other way round. There was also a dispute as to who was driving the car.  It was a female driver according to the minivan owner.  When confronted with this Sean was adamant that he was driving the car.

Marion was accused by her provider of car insurance fraud since her son hadn’t been driving the car.

Birmingham lie detector test

Marion order a Birmingham lie detector test for her son and deception was found. His girlfriend had been driving the car and she had scraped the minivan while it was parked.  She misjudged the width of the car.

The problem was that she wasn’t insured to drive Marion’s car. As a result the insurance provider wouldn’t pay out on the policy for her car or the other driver’s.

Marion was out of pocket by £7,000 at the end of the process. Sean is paying his mother back in instalments and won’t be trusted to look after the house in her absence again.

Car insurance fraud

There are many types of vehicle insurance fraud and often, when there is doubt in an investigation, insurance providers use the polygraph to establish deception or the lack of it.  If deception is found, they will investigate more diligently

Our client pre-empted the possibility of a lie detector test being ordered by arranging her son’s privately.

Lying to an insurance provider can cause them to increase your premiums or cancel your policy altogether.

Car owners should always keep their keys out of the reach of people who might use their cars without permission.  Had our client taken her keys away with her, or locked them in a safe, this wouldn’t have happened.

West Midlands Polygraph Service

Our West Midlands Polygraph examiner dealt with this case but our service is nationwide.  With the current Covid restrictions some of our offices are closed but you can arrange a test at the nearest available office location. Check when booking online which location is closest to you if the local office isn’t open.

Alternatively enquire whether a home test is available to you.  This will depend on the environmental conditions at your home.  The test will take approximately 2 hours during which time there should be no interruptions or noise that may interfere with the test procedure.

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