Birmingham polygraph used in fraud case

Apr 15, 2022

Birmingham polygraph used in fraud case

A Birmingham polygraph could have been used to help police in a fraud case. A fraudster stole over 12k meant for carers.

The case

A fraudster has appeared in court after misusing more than £12,600 in Direct Payments meant to fund carers. She transferred cash to family and spent the money in shops and restaurants. Jennifer O’Carroll, 57, of Stafford, was sentenced at Dudley Magistrates’ Court. The sentence took place on Wednesday, March 30, and she pleaded guilty to four offences contrary to the Fraud Act 2006.

False information

O’Carroll made false representations regarding her Direct Payment agreement and provided false information for a social housing application. She supplied false information about the ownership of the property she was living in, indicating that was she living with family, when in fact she was the owner.

Fraudulent payments

The Direct Payment fraud related to her obtaining payments to employ external personal assistants to provide care assistance. Instead of using the money for the correct purpose, she transferred money to family members and stated they were her carers. This was against the rules as both family members lived with her for periods of time and a PA cannot be a close relative living in the same house, unless in exceptional circumstances and with the express permission of the council.

False timesheets

She also put in false timesheets and the money withdrawels had no resemblance to what hours were claimed to be being worked. She transferred money to her personal accounts and was found to have spent Direct Payment money on high street shops, restaurants and other entertainment outlets.

The sentence

Firstly, her sentence is a curfew for two months, between the hours of 6pm and 6am, which is electronically monitored. Secondly, she will pay £1,000 costs within 28 days. Finally, the Birmingham council has put in a claim in the sum of £12,618 of Direct Payment money. The DP Review found that the money was not used for care intended and was used for personal use. This has since been repaid in full.

She also put in a fraudulent application for council housing. She was not awarded a council tenancy.

How a polygraph test could have helped

In conclusion victims of fraud and theft by criminals are asking Police to conduct more polygraph tests at interrogation stages. Since police have put new measures in place to conduct lie detector tests on sex-offenders and abusers, crime rates have plummeted. Therefore, communities feel safer knowing abusers and offenders are now subject to regular polygraph testing as part of release terms. The same applies for communities in regards to criminals of fraud and theft.

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