Birmingham Lie Detector Test enquiry for Serial Cheater

Our nationwide polygraph examiners deal with around 100 enquiries every week. Sometimes it’s difficult not to feel very sad about the situations people find themselves in. This enquiry for a Birmingham lie detector test was one such case.

Q: Will I be able to find out if my husband is leaving me with a lie detector test?

I’ve been married for 16 years and I know my husband has been unfaithful for most of them. I probably sound pathetic and weak for putting up with it but I love him. I console myself knowing that despite his dalliances he always comes home to me.  The reason I know about his affairs is because occasionally he feels the need to tell me about them.  He feels guilty about his infidelity and always says he’ll try hard not to do it again.

Recently one of his paramours called me to tell me she was having an affair with him.  It’s not the first call I’ve received over the years and very likely won’t be the last. Normally they ask me if I know my husband is cheating on me.  I always say that I do and pretend we have an open relationship to save face.

However, this latest one asked me if I knew my husband was leaving me which caught me off balance.  She went on to tell me how much he loved her and how I was standing in his way by threatening to commit suicide if he left.  I have never threatened such a thing and he has certainly never told me that he is going to leave. My response was to put the phone down on her.

When my husband got home I confronted him.  He said he had no intention of leaving me and this woman was no different to any of the others. The normal begging for forgiveness occurred.

Would you be able to carry out a Birmingham lie detector test (it’s where we live) and will it prove whether he is going to leave me or not?

S. R., Birmingham

Response from West Midlands Polygraph Examiner

Firstly I don’t think you are being pathetic or weak. Love is a powerful emotion but I do wonder whether your husband is being pathetic and weak. He clearly believes that you are strong since he is able to offload his guilt on you regularly.

In terms of your question, a lie detector test will not necessarily prove whether his is going to leave your or not.  On the day he takes the test, it might not be his intention to leave you. The next day, he could change his mind.  However, what it will expose is whether he has told his latest fling that he is going to leave you.  Any other information you might want to know can be derived from correctly posed questions. For example, has he told her that you have threatened to commit suicide if he leaves?

Married men who cheat are serial liars

All married men lie to their mistresses if they feel they are going to lose them.  Over centuries thousands of married men have said they’ll leave their wives and most don’t.  Nevertheless if you find out that he is lying to you, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your relationship.  He isn’t showing you any respect and if you don’t demand it, his behaviour isn’t going to change.  Do you really want to waste more years of your life with a man who clearly doesn’t love you as much as you love him?

You can book a Birmingham lie detector test online but it would be useful if you called us first.  Our helpline is free (07572 748364).  I can discuss with you the best way to approach the matter in order to achieve optimum results.