Birmingham lie detector test to prevent sex abuse

A Birmingham lie detector test could have prevented sex abuse in a case where a man has been found guilty of using Snapchat to lure his victims.

The crimes

A “dangerous” man used Snapchat to befriend a 15-year-old girl. He then sexually abused her and her friend. David Nwosu travelled 30 miles to meet the teen, givingg both victims alcohol while he stayed sober.

The 26-year-old added the girl on social media in October 2020. He was already subject to multiple sexual harm prevention orders. Nwosu asked the victim to meet him at his Birmingham home. She declined, instead inviting him to a house in Hinckley.

Three days later he travelled to Leicestershire, buying alcohol en-route. On arrival, the victim said he immediately made her feel uncomfortable. Her friend, also aged 15, went to the address a short time later. Nwosu continued to supply them with alcohol.

He even left to buy more from the shop – but did not drink any himself. The defendant then engaged in sexual activity with both teenagers. He then returned to his home in Langford Grove that afternoon.

When the mother of one of the victims called Nwosu to confront him, he provided a fake name and age. The matter was reported to police and Nwosu was arrested in December 2020.

Crown court hearing

At Leicester Crown Court, Nwosu pleaded guilty to five counts of breaching a sexual harm prevention order, four counts of sexual activity with a child and one count of sending a communication with intent to cause distress or anxiety.

On Friday, June 17, he was sentenced to over six years in prison. He is also subject to an additional 10-year sexual harm prevention order and told he must serve an extended period on licence of 24 months.

Detective Constable James Alcock said: “Nwosu is a predator who preys on young girls in order to fulfil his own sexual gratification. He bought alcohol in order to ensure they were intoxicated – and in the hope they’d comply.

“He even tried to cover his tracks by providing a false name to both victims and one of the victim’s mum. Despite evidence showing Nwosu had engaged in sexual activity, he only recently pleaded guilty to this crime which has meant both young victims had to wait to the last moment not knowing if they would have to relive the horrific ordeal in front of a jury.

“Nwosu is a dangerous individual and I am pleased he is now set to serve a significant time in prison. Both young victims and their families have shown incredible bravery in giving an account to police and I hope they can move on with their lives.”

How a lie detector test could have helped

In conclusion, a lie detector test is now required by all convicted sex abusers. Police are even using lie detector tests at interrogation stages as an extra indicator when making a decision on whether a suspect is guilty or not. The added scientific test means police have more evidence and facts to take into their final opinion and charges. Communities feel much safer knowing sex offenders are now subject to frequent lie detector tests and are held accountable.

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