Birmingham Polygraph Examiner advises on Wedding Planning Lies

This query came from a groom worried about the wedding planning lies his bride to be is telling him. Our Birmingham polygraph examiner responded to him.

Q: Can a lie detector test help me find out how truthful my fiancƩe is being about our wedding plans?

My fiancĆ©e has told me so many wedding planning lies that I wonder what else she is lying about. We have waited a long time to get married and I appreciate that she wants the day to be special, but I worry about the cost. IĀ“ve already found out that her wedding dress, the bridesmaidsĀ“ dresses and various accessories are costing Ā£3,500 more than she told me.

We are not wealthy, and I donĀ“t want to start my married life buried in debt. I strongly believe relationships should be built on trust.Ā  The fact that she has lied to me about certain things makes me feel she doesnĀ“t respect me.

IĀ“d like to book a lie detector test in Birmingham for her, not least to make her appreciate that she canĀ“t get away with lying to me. But will it give me the answers I need?

J. L., Birmingham

Response from Birmingham Polygraph Examiner

It very much depends on what you want to know.Ā  For example, if you want to know the true extent of how much is being spent on your wedding, carefully worded questions can establish this. But a lie detector test must be based on a single issue.

You may be surprised to learn that many grooms feel completely left out of the wedding plans nowadays. The decisions tend to be made by the bride more than the groom.

The most common wedding planning lies relate to the cost of dresses, shoes, make-up, hair and jewellery according to a recent survey carried out by One4all Gift Cards. Prospective brides are also likely to lie about the cost of their hen nights.

Presumably, you have spoken with your fiancĆ©e about your concerns. You havenĀ“t mentioned this or any response she gave. If this is likely to be a ā€˜make or breakā€™ situation a lie detector test may be the way forward.

However, she must voluntarily attend the polygraph examination. How likely she is to agree will depend on the extent of her lies.

Reason for lying

I suggest you sit her down, if you havenĀ“t already, and tell her how worried you are. Without doubt, relationships are built on trust and lying this early in the stage of commitment is obviously not a good thing. Most people lie for a reason. You need to try to find out what her reason is. In terms of overspending, itĀ“s often a fear of their partnerĀ“s reaction.

ItĀ“s also possible that she is being pressurised or influenced by friends or family. Her mother may want her to have the best and your fiancĆ©e may not know how to say ā€œnoā€.

Lie detector test in Birmingham

You can book a lie detector test in Birmingham online using our secure reservation system. Alternatively, if youĀ“d like to discuss your issue further please call our free helpline onĀ  07572 748364 for a confidential, informal chat.