Data Theft Query for Commercial Lie Detector Tests in Birmingham

Feb 4, 2021

Data Theft Query for Commercial Lie Detector Tests in Birmingham

This query for commercial lie detector tests in Birmingham is not unusual when theft in the workplace is suspected. But this one has a twist.

Q: Will a lie detector test prove if someone is stealing data from my company?

I have a thriving small business but I suspect that my secretary is stealing my data.  We’ve always had returning customers, lots of them, yet some of them to my knowledge have suddenly started buying from a competitor.

The awkward part of this is that I am having an affair with my secretary. I don’t want to single her out for a test and then find I am wrong.  But I just don’t see how anyone else could be responsible. Nobody else has access to the customer data.

What is involved in contracting your commercial lie detector tests in Birmingham? Can they be inserted in contracts of employment for all employees, for example? More to the point will they establish if my data is being stolen and if so by whom?

M. L., Birmingham

Response from West Midlands Polygraph Examiner

Lie detector tests are used in the commercial, private and public sectors for a variety of different reasons.  There are several businesses who have inserted an employment contract clause for commercial lie detector tests in Birmingham. Personnel tend to have a favourable view of them since everyone is involved. This means that no single member of staff feels victimised or awkward. Working under a cloud of suspicion causes stress and reduced productivity so lie detector tests provide a rapid solution.

These tests are periodic and can be conducted as frequently or infrequently as you wish. However, you will need to get consent if you intend to use them on your existing workforce.  New employment contracts are not a problem because by signing the contract, the employee automatically agrees to the lie detector test clause.  Existing employees will either have to agree to an amendment in their contracts or sign a memo you send out asking them to participate.

Presumably you have explored other avenues as to why you might be losing customers. It could be that your competitors have a special offer on or something new that you are not selling. If you haven’t looked into that, I suggest you do.

As you say, the matter is further complicated by your affair with your secretary. As I’m sure you know, mixing business with pleasure often causes problems.

Nevertheless, a lie detector test will give you the answers you are looking for.

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