Our client booked a Birmingham polygraph test as a first step in proving that sexual assault in the office had happened to her.

Sally’s Case

During lockdown Sally was happy working from home but now with restrictions lifted, she had to return to working in her firm’s offices. She was dreading it.

For 22 years, Sally had worked for the same firm of solicitors. She had worked her way up from junior office clerk to senior partner’s secretary. She loved her job except for the sexual assault she had been subjected to when a junior partner, Charles, joined the firm. He hovered over her when she was working, grabbed her backside when she was photocopying and brushed against her whenever he got the opportunity.

She had asked him to stop but he just called it a bit of fun. It wasn’t fun to her and she avoided him whenever she could.

Sexual assault steps up

The first day back at the office passed without incident but the second was awful. Sally was in the stock room collecting some stationery supplies when Charles walked in. He closed the door behind him and grabbed her. He pushed his hand down her blouse and stuck his tongue in her mouth while kissing her. She tried to resist but he was too strong for her.

In tears, Sally said she would report him to her boss who was the senior partner. Charles laughed and said, “Good luck with that, he is my uncle”. He told her no one would believe her, after all she was over 40 and he was only 26. She should be grateful at her age, and a spinster, to be getting the attention, he said.

Birmingham polygraph test

Sally lived alone, had few friends and was distraught when she called us.  She wanted to know whether a lie detector test could help her. It was worrying her that she might lose her job if she reported Charles to her boss.

Our West Midlands polygraph examiner told her that she wasn’t the first person to sit a polygraph examination for sexual assault purposes and unfortunately, she wouldn’t be the last. We have conducted hundreds of tests for this reason and most clients we see are terrified of losing their jobs if they report it.

In consultation with Sally, our examiner formulated the questions for her test. Not surprisingly, she passed with “flying colours”.


The results from her polygraph examination were sent to her within 24 hours but they arrived on a Saturday.  Since she didn’t work at the weekends, it gave Sally time to consider what she was going to do.

On the following Monday she waited for her boss to deal with his morning appointments. When the last one before lunch left, she walked into her boss’s office and related everything that had happened to her.  She then gave him a copy of her fully analysed, peer reviewed polygraph results report.

Her boss asked her why she had felt the need to take the Birmingham polygraph test. Sally responded by telling him what Charles had said to her. She was a lot older than Charles and it was conceivable that she wouldn’t be believed. More especially because Charles was a relative of his.

Her boss told her to leave the matter with him and gave her the afternoon off.

The following day when Sally went to work, Charles was nowhere to be seen. Her job was safe and Charles would not be returning

Polygraph Services in Birmingham

In today’s society bullying or sexual assault in the office, or any other workplace, is unacceptable. It is also illegal.  If you are worried that you won’t be believed if you make a complaint or report the matter, a lie detector test can help.

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