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Lie Detector Test in Glasgow

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Lie Detector Tests in Glasgow peak for Gambling Addiction

It’s no coincidence that we have more clients taking lie detector tests in Glasgow as the city is top of the list for gambling addiction. Fixed odds betting terminals are a particular problem nationwide.

Suspicions of Gay Infidelity in Glasgow cause Anxiety

Many enquiries we receive relate to doubts about infidelity when one partner doesn’t appear to be as committed as the other.  Suspicions of gay infidelity in Glasgow caused this worried partner to write to us.

Lie Detector Test in Glasgow

It’s rare that we get a request from a teenager to book a lie detector test in Glasgow or anywhere else for that matter. However, last week with the help of her father, a 16 year old arranged a test for herself.

Ask a Glasgow Polygraph Examiner about Theft within the Family

When money went missing that was destined for a father’s gravestone a mother asked our Glasgow Polygraph Examiner for help. Theft within the family is never easy to deal with.

Ask a Polygraph Examiner in Glasgow about a Wayward Teenager

A worried mother contacted us to ask our polygraph examiner in Glasgow whether a lie detector test might help her rebellious teenage son.

Polygraph Examination in Glasgow stops controlling Parents

Religious beliefs are a way for people to find strength in themselves and others but when is it pushed too far? Our client took a polygraph examination in Glasgow for what most would consider a bizarre reason in the 21st century.

Case Study | Private Lie Detector Service in Glasgow resolves Disabled Parking Bay Dispute

When our client had a problem with parking outside his house, he used our private lie detector test service in Glasgow to resolve it.

How Addiction Lie Detector Tests in Glasgow Help Addicts

A high percentage of work carried out by our polygraph examiners in Scotland relates to addiction in all its forms. Here we explore how addiction lie detector tests in Glasgow help addicts to come to terms with their problem.

Glasgow Lie Detector Test for Infidelity

Glasgow is one of Scotland’s best known cities and not just for its Celtic Football Club. It offers something for all ages with its lively, buzzing atmosphere. The city has some striking architecture and an abundance of fascinating museums. Most of these are free to visit and show the historic and artistic side of Scotland. Glasgow City centre has some of the greatest shopping destinations in the UK, outside of London, it’s been said. There are some great live music venues, as well as pubs and clubs. You will never starve in Glasgow with the abundance of restaurants serving every conceivable type of local and international cuisine.

All things considered you might imagine that Glasgow is a happy place to be. However, according to a study carried out by Family Law, Glasgow the divorce rate in the city is 3.6 percent. This exceeds the UK national average of 2.8 percent. The study was conducted on behalf of the Scottish government and there were 21,000 participants. The largest of its type, this research provided valuable insight into the lives and opinions of Scots.

Glasgow Lie Detector Test for Infidelity Service

We have a number of clients who have contacted us regarding suspicions that their partner has been unfaithful. Not all of these people are married and fortunately get the answers they need before potentially becoming just another one of these statistics.

Modern couples are becoming more resourceful when selecting their perfect life partner. Many who have taken our test have gone on to have wonderful and happy marriages. Some people accuse their partners of cheating due to insecurity about past relationships – others because they may have cheated themselves. This is called “guilt transference” and is another reason our test can help your relationship.

Who can book a Lie detector test and how?

Anyone can book a private lie detector test, easily and simply, online via our website. It may be you feel your partner is misbehaving or maybe you’re sick of being accused of something you haven’t done. You may have a friend or family member whom you’re worried about and would like to book the test for them. Our staff are here to answer any questions or worries you may have pre booking or after the test, either online or by telephone.

Call our Free Helpline on 0800 861 1058 to discuss our Glasgow lie detector test for infidelity service. Our friendly customer service team will treat your matter with the utmost confidentiality.

Lie Detector Test in Glasgow

It’s rare that we get a request from a teenager to book a lie detector test in Glasgow or anywhere else for that matter. However, last week with the help of her father, a 16 year old arranged a test for herself.

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