Polygraph Examination in Glasgow stops controlling Parents

Apr 23, 2019

Religious beliefs are a way for people to find strength in themselves and others but when is it pushed too far? Faith never imagined she’d need to organise a polygraph examination in Glasgow to show her parents she hadn’t slept with anyone before marriage.

No sex before marriage

Bill and his wife Grace, Faith’s parents, were very religious.  Faith was becoming a young woman and although she was flirting with boys, she’d promised her parents there would be no sex before marriage. The community they lived in was small and everyone knew everyone else. If there was any funny business going on the Bill and Grace would find out about it.

The rumour started about Faith and her new boyfriend Jon shortly after they’d announced they were courting. The town gossip mill had started saying they’d been caught kissing, amongst other things, in Jon’s car. She still went to church on Sunday and kissing wasn’t something she was told never to do but still, her parents had grounded her for a week. Faith protested she hadn’t done anything wrong but her parents had called her some terrible names and told her she was going to hell. Faith was beginning to think the strict behaviour was a little too much for her to deal with.

Polygraph examination in Glasgow

Faith contacted us for a polygraph examination in Glasgow when her parents stopped her seeing Jon. They’d been dating for 9 months and she was sure he was the man she was going to spend the rest of her life with. She knew the only way to show her parents that she hadn’t had sex with Jon was by proving it. There was no other way she could think of, other than a lie detector test.

Faith took the test, confidently and calmly she knew her innocence would prevail. Within a few hours, she had the results in her hand and gave them to her father to open. He apologised on finding out his daughter wasn’t guilty of the things she’d been accused of.

Breaking free

The accusation had damaged Faith’s trust in her mother and father and she moved out to be with Jon. The family disowned her for cohabiting out of wedlock but she didn’t care.

Faith still attends church every Sunday and is due to be married to Jon in a few months’ time. Her mother has tried to reconnect with Faith but no matter how much she misses her parents, she’s unable to go back to a life of solitude and being overpowered. The way she was raised wasn’t about love but control. Faith made peace with her decision and looks forward to a bright and happy future.

Faith’s case is not the first we have dealt with. Britain is still finding its way around how to handle the expectations of the different religions and cultures prevalent in the country.

If you are subject to any form of control, whether due to religion, cultural differences or abuse please contact us.  A polygraph examination in Glasgow or elsewhere in Scotland may help you. Our helpline is free and confidential – please call us 0800 368 8277. The laws in Scotland may be different from your home country and they are in place to protect everyone.

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