Suspicions of Gay Infidelity in Glasgow cause Anxiety

Mar 15, 2020

Many enquiries we receive relate to doubts about infidelity when one partner doesn’t appear to be as committed as the other.  Suspicions of gay infidelity in Glasgow caused this worried partner to write to us.

Q: Will a lie detector test help me find out if my girlfriend doesn’t want to be with me, or worse still is cheating?

I think I may be being a little insecure but I’ve had a rough year.

I always knew telling my parents I was a lesbian would be difficult and I’ve kept it a secret for years. I finally plucked up the courage when I met Megan. She was so outgoing and completely comfortable with her sexuality from the offset. She made me feel so much better about myself it was unreal. I’d only just managed to start going to gay clubs and bars when we met and we hit it off immediately. A few months later, we announced our relationship to my friends and I thought it was time to meet Megan’s family and introduce her to mine.

I’ve approached the subject with her and truly believe a united front would be the best idea but she keeps putting it off. As she has always been so confident, I think the problem must be me or maybe she’s met someone else. I feel ready to tell my parents and I know I’ll feel a lot better when I do. I just though Megan would want to help me through what I think will be a difficult time.

She’s always going out without me and we spend little time with her friends. Our sex life is fantastic and I don’t see how she’d need to go anywhere else.  I just don’t understand why she wouldn’t want to cement our relationship by meeting my parents. I honestly think I’m deeply in love with Megan but need to know if she loves me and if she’s serious about our relationship. Do you think a lie detector could help me find out if she’s met someone else or she just isn’t as in love with me as I am with her? I have asked her but she always swerves the subject. We live together and I do think she’d take the test if I asked.

I’m struggling with so many emotions right now and if I could find out what the problem is I’m sure we could fix it.

A M., Glasgow

Response from Glasgow Polygraph Examiner

I’ve dealt with a number of cases involving suspicions of gay infidelity in Glasgow as well as heterosexual ones.  I find that gay couples experience overwhelming anxiety about commitment especially when they’ve had difficulty coming out. The stress can be worse when it is a first relationship.

In terms of whether a lie detector test can help, to some extent it can.  However, asking questions about love are futile because love is a transitory emotion.  Today your partner may love you, tomorrow they may not.

The test will determine whether or not your partner is cheating and whether the intentions she expresses about the relationship are true.

Whether your suspicions are based on insecurity or not, they will negatively affect your relationship.  The truth is always better out.  When you have answers to the questions that are causing you anxiety, you can move forward with your life.

Gay infidelity in Glasgow

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