A worried mother contacted us to ask our polygraph examiner in Glasgow whether a lie detector test might help her son.

I am worried my son may be involved in criminal activity. Can you help?

My son has just come out of young offenders. He was sentenced to 12 months for stealing cars. It was far from his first offence. Although I thought the sentence was harsh for a 17-year old, I thought it would teach him a lesson. Trouble is I think he came out worse than when he went in. I may just be being paranoid but I’m worried about what he’s doing when he’s out.

Kevin is now 18 and out till all hours. He doesn’t bother to ring me to say he’s not coming home and due to the way he’s behaved in the past, I sit waiting for him. I can’t sleep and feel exhausted with all the emotional turmoil.  I’m hoping he’s being a normal teenager and just drinking and hanging out with his friends but he just seems so destructive and disrespectful since his release. I just don’t know where to turn. If I knew what he was up to I could try and work out what to do.

It may get to the point where I’ll have to kick him out for my own sanity. If he landed in prison after that I could deal with it. If he’s at home he’s my responsibility and I feel like I should be doing something.

S.M., Glasgow

Response from polygraph examiner in Glasgow

It’s often the case that youngsters come out of incarceration with more knowledge of crime than when they went in. Even at 18 they have impressionable minds and of course, most teenagers believe they know far better what is good for them than their parents.

I assume there has been some attempt at rehabilitation within the young offenders’ facility but it doesn’t sound as though it has worked particularly well.

We can formulate questions designed to find out what Kevin is doing when he is out.  Usually rebellious behaviour has an underlying cause.

If you can get him to agree to come along for a lie detector test it may well be that we can establish the cause.  As a polygraph examiner in Glasgow, I can tell you that you are not alone with your problem.  There are innumerable support groups for parents who are having problems with their teenagers, not dissimilar to yours.

Kevin may not feel able to be honest with you but since I am a stranger, who he may never meet again, it’s possible he’ll come clean with me.

He may not wish to take the test but perhaps, if he feels he will be homeless if he doesn’t that may inspire him to agree.

Booking a lie detector test in Scotland

You can book an appointment online with a polygraph examiner in Glasgow or elsewhere in Scotland if Glasgow is not a convenient location.  Polygraph examiners are also available to discuss your matter further on our free helpline – 07572 748364