Case Study | Private Lie Detector Service in Glasgow resolves Disabled Parking Bay Dispute

Apr 1, 2019

When our client had a problem with parking outside his house, he used our private lie detector test service in Glasgow to resolve it.

John’s case

John was getting sick and tired of Steve’s complaints about his mobility. He complained constantly and John was confident there wasn’t as much wrong with him as he claimed. The council had completely revamped Steve’s house, putting in a new kitchen as the old one hadn’t been sufficient for his mobility needs. He’d had a new bathroom for the same reason and now a parking space right outside John’s door. This meant something had to be done and he needed to reveal Steve for the fraud he was.

John had to park around the corner now and at 75 years of age the extra few yards were making him poorly. Worse thing was that Steve didn’t even own a car and the parking spot was only used by visitors or when the family came to stay. Trouble was Steve always had someone round and inevitably they’d stay the night.

Suspected fraud

John was watching the TV one day and a reality show came on about lie detector tests. He didn’t want to air his dirty laundry for the entire world to hear, so decided to scour the internet. John called us to ask if our private lie detector test service in Glasgow might be able to help. John explained that he didn’t care about Steve’s benefits, new kitchen or bathroom. It was the parking that was the problem. After talking the issue through with us and using our online secure booking system to pay, he went to see his neighbour.

Steve started to laugh thinking it was some kind of joke when John asked him to take the test. He wanted to know what he had done but John said he would find out when he got there. Steve didn’t get out much so agreed to come along and take the test.  John was confident Steve would be exposed as a fraud. There was no doubt that he had bad health but was in no way as immobile as he’d claimed.

Parking problem resolved

Our private lie detector test service in Glasgow had been local to where they lived and the office staff and examiner friendly. Steve had been asked if he owned a car which seemed a bit odd since John knew he didn’t. After the test they’d even stopped for a quick pint afterwards.

The results were returned a few hours later and showed Steve had told the council he had a car and could walk no more than 100 yards. He’d exaggerated the health issues to get the renovations he needed to his council house and the parking space. John was angry and felt he should out Steve to the council but decided against it.

He told Steve to call the council the next day and claim he no longer required the space or his blue badge. If that was done the test results would be given to him and no more said about it. Steve promised to do this and the council removed the disabled parking bay the following week. John can now park outside his own house again. The private lie detector test in Glasgow had come at a cost but it was far cheaper than the cost to John’s health. And Steve has come clean about his health problems to the Benefits Agency.

Private lie detector test service in Glasgow

Do you suspect a neighbour of wrongdoing? Maybe our private lie detector test service in Glasgow can help.  If you’d like to discuss or order a polygraph test anywhere in the UK please call us on 0800 368 8277. Alternatively, you can make a reservation using our secure online booking system.

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