A high percentage of work carried out by our polygraph examiners in Scotland relates to addiction in all its forms. Here we explore how addiction lie detector tests in Glasgow help addicts come to terms with their problem.

There are many reasons and scenarios which may encourage someone to take a polygraph test, and sometimes it is as a method to help addicts. An addiction lie detector test is an option to not only impact the subject taking the test in a positive manner, but also those closely connected such as friends and family.

Professional, qualified and accredited polygraph examiners

The addict could be hooked on alcohol, drugs or even gambling, but whatever the case may be, a lie detector test can prove a good way forward. You should make sure you, or the person who is going for the test, select a fully-qualified examiner. One who will be professional at all times, as well as being completely impartial, helping the subject to be able to talk through the issues faced. This alone can be a comfort to the addict, giving them the chance to speak their mind, with a highly skilled person who is trained to deal with whatever may occur as a result. Sometimes we need to air our thoughts. Providing a safe, neutral environment for someone to do just that, is incredibly helpful.

Much can potentially emerge from a test. An example is that people can find answers to why they have found themselves to be where they are today. They may see how things began to develop as an addiction and gain closure on events that have taken place because of where their illness has taken them. Perhaps those close to them may learn better ways in which they can support them too. There are plenty of positives that can come out of addiction lie detector tests in Glasgow.

Questions and answers

For the test, questions are asked as part of a range of queries during the process. Questions can be formulated around the situations that have been faced. Those taking the test can speak without having to argue in a way that often happens when discussing their addiction with those close to them. The test environment is not about accusation or heated confrontation, but rather getting to the root of the truth.

Whoever is taking a test can also be assured that their examiner will not be in a position of judgment. They will be asked carefully selected questions in a sensitive manner. The object of the test is not to ‘catch their subject out’ but to help them get to the truth. In the pre-test interview subjects meet the polygraph examiner and review the questions to be asked. This gives them the opportunity to discuss anything that may concern them about the test.

Results of addiction lie detector tests in Glasgow

When the test is over, the results will indicate a range of different types of data providing you with information about things you need to know. It is up to you (the person who has ordered the test) whether you wish to share the report with anyone else. It may be helpful to anyone providing treatment for the addict.

One of the most valuable things about the results of our addiction lie detector tests in Glasgow is that they allow addicts to come to terms with their problems. Polygraph tests provide a first step forward out of possibly years of despair.

You can book one of our specialised, addiction lie detector tests in Glasgow, or elsewhere in Scotland, online.  Our free helpline is also available for those seeking more information.  Call us today on 07572 748364.