Lie Detector Test in Glasgow teaches Mum a lesson

It’s rare that we get a request from a teenager to book a lie detector test in Glasgow or anywhere else for that matter. However, last week with the help of her father, a 16 year old arranged a test for herself.

Maxine’s Case

Dianne, Maxine’s mother, was worried that her daughter at 16 was going out with boys. On numerous occasions Dianne asked Maxine if she was having sex and the reply was always “no”. Dianne had been a teen mother herself and didn’t want Maxine to ruin her life the same way. She didn’t regret having Maxine one bit but she’d hoped to go to university and study to become a lawyer. Dianne had always intended to pick up school where she’d left off but it never happened.

Out all night

As Maxine got older she’d spend the night at friends for a sleepover, Dianne always worried about her but wanted to give her the freedom she never had, so she pretty much let her do what she wanted, within reason. One night she was supposed to be with her friend Helen but she wasn’t there. Dianne only found out when Helen’s mother had called asking if the kids wanted a takeaway. So Helen had said she was with Maxine, and Maxine had said she was at Helen’s.  After ringing around proved fruitless, Dianne decided to wait until 9 am when Maxine was due home. If it got to 24 hours, she was going to call the police.

Walk of shame

Maxine did return home as promised, but she was late and Dianne asked her where she’d been. Maxine explained she’d been at a house party all night to celebrate someone’s birthday. She said it was on the other side of town and she’d had to walk home with Helen. She’d made sure Helen got home safe and then carried on herself.

Again, Dianne asked if she was having sex and Maxine said “no”. It wasn’t the fact that she might be having sex; it was the risk of pregnancy.  Frustrated by her mother constantly insinuating that she was sexually active Maxine asked Dianne who she was to judge, she’d been pregnant at 15.

Dianne wanted her daughter on birth control but Maxine didn’t want to. She said she’d ask when she needed it but Dianne wasn’t leaving it there.

A trip to the GP

Dianne called her doctor and asked if there was some sort of test they could do to see if Maxine was having sex. The doctor said there was but as Maxine was 16, she’d need her consent. Dianne knew Maxine would never agree. She was absolutely right because when Maxine learned that Dianne had talked to their doctor about her suspicions, she was infuriated.  She wondered how she would ever be able to face the doctor again without being embarrassed.

The ensuing argument ended with Maxine storming out of the house and calling her father, Andy, at his office.  She arranged to meet him at 11am.  Over coffee Maxine told Andy that she couldn’t take any more of her mother’s obsession about her having sex.  Whilst she knew that Dianne was only trying to protect her, she has told her over and over again that she wasn’t sexually active. What hurt her the most was that her mother didn’t trust her.

Andy had told Dianne to drop the topic many times before to no avail.  Now here was his daughter saying she wanted to take a lie detector test in Glasgow to stop her mother nagging her. She needed his written consent and naturally the money for the test.  Andy agreed.

Lie detector test in Glasgow

Our Glasgow polygraph examiner discussed with Maxine what it was she wanted to convey to her mother.  He then formulated the questions to be asked.

Less than 24 hours after taking the test Maxine had her fully analysed polygraph results.  Over breakfast she handed the report to Dianne.

As Dianne read that her daughter has never had sex or any sexual contact she felt guilty about mistrusting her.  In an open and honest discussion mother and daughter came to terms with their differences.  The fact that Dianne’s early pregnancy had thwarted her career ambitions didn’t mean that Maxine would make the same mistake. Indeed it was her mother’s experience that had encouraged Maxine to be more responsible.  There is now a pact between the two. When Maxine is ready she will let her mother know and if she needs help with contraception she’ll ask for it.

Life with teenagers

Most parents find the teenage years challenging.  However, those who have gone through them and survived know that accusing teenagers of something they haven’t done can often push them to do it.

Your life choices may be very different from the options your children take.  Openly discussing things and telling them why you are concerned leads to mutual trust.

We found Maxine to be a very sensible young woman and the first teenager to ever arrange her own polygraph test.

In the case of teenagers written parental or guardian consent is required before we are able to administer polygraph tests to them.   Maxine chose to take a lie detector test in Glasgow because it was near to where she lived.  However, we have controlled secure offices throughout Scotland in most major towns and cities.