Push those Clouds of Doubt away on Positive Thinking Day

Positive Thinking Day is the perfect time to push negativity and clouds of doubt away. Thinking positively has so many rewards and benefits to our wellbeing.

We asked some of our UK polygraph examiners what their views were on positive thinking as opposed to negative in relation to their work.

Central London Polygraph Examiner

Broadly speaking our polygraph examiner in Central London is a “glass half full” person. She is always hopes that an examinee’s test results will prove to be non-deceptive. This especially relates to infidelity cases because there is so much at stake. A deceptive result could end a marriage or partnership and hurt a lot of people.

However, deceptive or non-deceptive results lead to positivity. Knowing the truth allows clients to move forward with their lives. It ends the suspicion that has been the bane of their lives, often spanning years.

Whether a couple decides to separate or opts for relationship counselling, positive steps are taken to resolve their problems.

Nottingham Polygraph Examiner

Our Nottingham Polygraph Examiner believes the polygraph can contribute to a better society in general. In a world where we are surrounded by lies, truth matters. Constantly being suspicious of someone’s motives or dishonesty, does not lead to healthy relationships whether personal or otherwise.

When a society’s politicians lie with alacrity, without fear of consequences, it causes division and sets a bad example to us all.

The same applies to false allegations and these cases are becoming more prevalent daily. Spreading false allegations brings unquantifiable misery to many people’s lives. Yet social media platforms provide ideal vehicles for nasty, negative people to do this. We hope today, Positive Thinking Day, might inspire them to give it a rest.

Nevertheless, lie detector tests provide one way of dispelling false allegations. Non deceptive results can be shared among people who matter and they will think more positively about you.

Darlington Polygraph Examiner

Negative thinking and the stress it causes can make you ill, our Darlington Polygraph Examiner thinks. If you believe someone close is being dishonest with you, it shakes your confidence and focuses your attention on why that person is lying to you.

The sooner a lie detector test is booked, the better it is. Even if your suspicions are confirmed, you are at least able to make a decision about what to do. The truth really does set you free.

Bristol Polygraph Examiner

Fear promotes negative thinking according to our Bristol Polygraph Examiner. Fear of infidelity or fear that someone you trusted has stolen from you doesn’t inspire positive thinking. As individuals we all have different fears and when they relate to deception, the fastest way to dispel them is with a lie detector test.

The truth allows us to make plans to change our lives because we are no longer living in fear of knowing it.

The benefits of positive thinking are numerous. Research has linked decreased risk of heart disease and stress to positive thinking. It can also lower depression, increase your lifespan and even strengthen your immune system to resist the common cold.

Portsmouth Polygraph Examiner

There is nothing positive about domestic or sexual abuse but the polygraph can liberate you from it. In so many cases, those closest to the victims, don’t believe what they are going through or think they are exaggerating.

One of the most satisfying aspects of our Portsmouth Polygraph Examiner’s work is providing victims with their fully analysed, peer reviewed results with no deception found. Those reports help them build a support network of family members and friends, making them feel less isolated.

In some cases, the polygraph results inspire police to investigate complaints further which sometimes lead to convictions.  As our Nottingham Polygraph Examiner said “the polygraph can contribute to a better society in general.”

What to do on Positive Thinking Day 2021

There are so many things you can do today to make sure you remain positive including:

  • Associate with positive thinking people
  • Be kind to others
  • Appreciate the simpler things in life
  • Read motivational books
  • Watch motivational and inspiring films

And if you have been putting off learning the truth of a sensitive matter, do it today by booking a lie detector test.

How to book a lie detector test

Polygraph examinations can be booked via the secure reservation system on our website. However, our free helpline (07572 748364) is available for clients to confidentially discuss their specific issues with our customer care staff and polygraph examiners.