Lie Detection Services for Legal Sector

Polygraph test services for solicitors are invaluable in establishing the truth of legal claims before committing to take them on. They enhance confidence in clients and can sometimes be used as part of the evidence to validate the integrity of a client’s claim. More often they are used as an investigative tool to prevent cases from reaching the courts.

Validation of Claims

Polygraph examinations are useful in the following scenarios:

Insurance Claims

validate the truth in personal injury and damages claims

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Verify a prospective partner’s financial status and past conduct

Accident Claims

Establish the veracity of witness statements that are relevant to the incident


Validate claims of adultery or any other inappropriate behaviour during the course of a marriage

Bankruptcy Claims

Verify the true financial position of a client

Contact Orders

Determine the truth of allegations regarding historical or current drug, alcohol, neglect or physical abuse.

Negotiation Phase

Lie detector test results are not admissible as evidence in UK courts although some non-statutory tribunals may allow them if corroborated by other evidence.

When an investigation is in the negotiation phase polygraph test services for solicitors are used to establish whether or not a client has been falsely accused, or to validate witness statements.

Discretion and Confidentiality

No matter the type of case, our professional, accredited polygraph examiners maintain confidentiality at all times. They are trained to ensure that test results are solely for the client. Nobody other than the examiner will ever know what they are. We do not retain copies of polygraph reports and the original is delivered to our clients.

As the UK’s leading provider of polygraph test services for solicitors, our reputation for discretion is widely acknowledged.


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