Polygraph Examiners – Current Opportunities

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We are constantly looking for skilled polygraph examiners who can help us in conducting polygraph tests for our clients.


  • Proof of Work Experience
  • Proficient in briefing and oral presentation
  • Proficient in non-technical writing
  • Experience with interviewing individuals on security suitability issues
  • Valid driving license
  • Available for a minimum of 4-5 days a week and willingness to perform approx. 15 to 20 tests a month
  • Must have high ethical standards and no criminal history

As polygraph examiners work in a potentially confrontational environment on a daily basis, they must have excellent interpersonal and representational skills, with the ability to work independently as well as part of a team.

Taking the Next Step...

If you are happy to find out more then let us know of your interest and we can schedule a meeting. We are working confidentially with our examiners and do not disclose their details to any other person or professional body apart from the client with whom they wish to carry work out for. In the first instance please send your enquiry to our Human Resource Dept: hr@liedetectortest.uk.

Why join US?

www.liedetectortest.uk Delivers clients that we pre-qualify and vet through our algorithmic approach and connect them with accredited examiners in the UK. Since we have implemented our new innovative automation process our website traffic and conversions have increased exponentially. Our aim is to provide a central hub of knowledge for clients and deliver high quality content whilst making a simple and data focused process to reduce administration for examiners. We have listened to the needs of our clients and examiners with whom we currently work and conducted an in-depth analysis on the process involved. In addition, by leveraging our skills in sales and digital marketing including SEO and Social Media we have been able to deliver on our promises

Market Know How

In our research, we identified many shortfalls in the information that was available online with respect to the needs of the client. Our strengths are in providing knowledge based websites with fast online process through automation. Our objective is not out to disrupt the market but to provide an automation to the process so that you can receive pre-vetted and qualified client’s and grow your business without being burdened with unnecessary time and financial constraints.

Benefits for Polygraph Examiners

  • Reduce your PA/Business Admin Costs
  • No Fee’s or annual renewals for association
  • Clear, concise, consistent booking information
  • Zero AdWords spend for examiners
  • Reduced Sales and Marketing, Online Costs
  • Venue where required is arranged by us
  • Continual growth with a fraction of the cost

“Our automated process is used in every order we receive online. Clients are able to book, schedule and complete their screening to verify the suitability of the test and make them aware and in agreement to the terms and conditions without any administration required by our accredited examiners. 35% of all orders in the past 3 months have been completed by clients booking in confidence online.

Examiner Collaboration

We are continuosly updating our process and adding to our framework to maintain and improve client satisfaction and accuracy.

Increased Client Satisfaction

Our examiners can operate as individuvals and benefit from our digital marketing and business process expertise to achieve an increased level of client satisfaction

Gold Standard of Service

Our client focused business processes supports us in delivering the highest standard possible consistently from one client to the next regardless of their case type or background.

Our Operating Framework

Our Code of Ethics

Our Standards of Practice