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As fraud escalates worldwide the demand for better loss prevention methods grows. Local authorities and government agencies in the UK are utilising lie detector tests (polygraph examinations) as a boost to eliminating fraud in all its forms.

Polygraph examinations can assist in eradicating corruption which undermines the integrity and credibility of government agencies.

How lie detector tests help

Polygraph technology can help save or recover millions of pounds annually in fraudulent benefits claims. Lie detector tests can also assist in governmental matters that include:

  • Identity fraud
  • False documents
  • Tax avoidance
  • Falsified data and statistics

As a leading provider of polygraph services to UK government departments, our examiners are highly experienced in dealing discreetly with the sensitive nature of the work.

Confidentiality and discretion

Government matters require the optimum levels of security and sensitivity. Our clients can be confident that we will never permit anything related to tests (including the existence of the tests) to fall into the wrong hands, be published, leaked or in any way known to anyone who is not authorised to see them. Our highly trained and fully accredited examiners are fully aware of the importance of confidentiality. Our reports are never copied or retained and the originals are always supplied to our clients.

Pre-employment screening for Government employees

Recruiting trustworthy staff is a challenge in any industry but more so when national security is involved. The vetting process for prospective candidates who want to work in government is extensive but not infallible. Wasting money and time on in depth background checks can be averted if candidates take a lie detector test early in the pre-employment screening process. If an applicant is found to have been dishonest on their CV or application form, there is no point in taking things further. The polygraph is a good filtering tool, allowing only best candidates through to the next stage.

Used as an additional tool to the HMG Baseline Personnel Security Standard, polygraph examinations are suitable for pre-employment screening of the following, among others:

  • Civil servant recruits
  • Prospective armed forces personnel
  • Temporary staff
  • Government contractors
  • Security staff

Omission of information from CVs or application forms is also a problem the polygraph can resolve. It’s highly unlikely that applicants will mention the following when applying for a position:

  • Associations with or membership of extremist groups
  • Contact or association with hostile or contentious foreign nationals
  • Excessive indebtedness
  • Alcohol or drug abuse history

Criminal rehabilitation

Lie detector tests are in common use within the Probation Service nationwide to monitor criminal activity especially for prisoners who are released on license. These include paedophiles, sex offenders and habitual fraudsters. As technology has progressed, the accuracy of polygraph equipment has greatly improved as has the reliability of results.

Regular polygraph examinations for existing employees are recommended to ensure the workforce remains honest and loyal. If data is leaked or theft occurs in the workplace the lie detector test is the quickest way of identifying where the blame lies.


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